Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Past Commissions

With new readers & new fans coming to the blog each week, I wanted to share a bunch of my inked 7" x 7" commissions from the past few years. Some of these I've shared before, others I may not have. For those ready to ask, here's the way I handle commissions: I do not have an open list and no not take commission requests by e-mail. I do inked commissions like these in conjunction with conventions only. In the week before a convention, I open up a list in my online store for pickup at the convention.

Bastian the Hunter
Battle Corgis
Frontier Explorer Mice

The Witch from Brave

Cartographer Mouse

Conrad Drinking

Cursed Pirate Girl & Pook

A Royal Ferret Couple

Mouse Naturalist puzzling together a pile of bones

An anthropomorphic Fox in armor

Gonzo & Camilla piece in homage to the Greg Land Birds of Prey #8 cover
Fall 1152 Cover Homage

The Half-Blood Prince, Padfoot, & the Boy Who Lived set against the backdrop of the Maurauder's Map

Mouse Harvest festival

Isabel, a snail,  & lilies of the valley

Israel: Lockhaven Blacksmith


Mouse Knitter

Mouse Library Research

Michelangelo vs Mousers

Mouse, Bat, & Bee

A female spiritualist mouse & a bunny

Axe vs Owl

Mice smoking Pipes

Mouse Portrait painter

Rand & Dandelions

A mouse wedding at a mouse-sized St. Margaret's Chapel in Edinburgh Scotland

Sienna & Bellflowers

Mouse Family on a snail

Stuff of Legend

The Swedish Chef

Tag from Jeremy Bastian's Cursed Pirate Girl


Threshold of Adventure

Apothecary Mouse

Lieam with a flute

2014 Appearances:
MSU Comics Forum: February 22
C2E2: April 25-27
Comicpalooza: May 23-25
Heroes Con: June 20-22
San Diego Comic Con: July 23-27
Boston Comic Con: August 8-10
NY Comic Con: Oct. 9-12

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blog Index

I've gone through and indexed the blog by adding consistent labels on every relevant post. It will now be much easier to go back and find old posts or discover things you may have missed since I started this blog in 2007. Here is a handy highlight list of posts and categories:

Muppet Snow White #1
Muppet Snow White #2
Muppet Snow White #3
Muppet Snow White #4
Muppet Peter Pan #4
Muppet Sherlock Holmes #1
Fraggle Rock Vol 2 #1
TMNT: Raphael
TMNT: Michelangelo
TMNT: Donatello
TMNT: Leonardo
TMNT: Splinter
TMNT: Casey Jones
TMNT: April O'Neil
TMNT: Fugitoid
TMNT in Time #1
TMNT in Time #2
TMNT in Time #3
TMNT in Time #4
Mouse Guard: Black Axe #5
Mouse Guard: Black Axe Hardcover
Mouse Guard: Baltimore Comic Con Program
Mouse Guard 2013 FCBD
Mouse Guard 2014 FCBD
Mouse Guard 2015 FCBD
Mouse Guard 2016 FCBD
Legends of the Guard Vol 2 #1
Legends of the Guard Vol 2 #2
Legends of the Guard Vol 2 #3
Legends of the Guard Vol 2 #4
Legends of the Guard Vol 2 Hardcover
Legends of the Guard Vol 3 #1
Legends of the Guard Vol 3 #2
Legends of the Guard Vol 3 #3
Legends of the Guard Vol 3 #4
Legends of the Guard Vol 3 Hardcover
Legends of the Guard Vol 1-3 Box Set
Mouse Guard Sketchbook Collection Cover
Mouse Guard Coloring Book 
Star Wars #1 Variant
Rocket Raccoon
Avengers as Animals
Wilds End
Thanatos Diver
The Storyteller: Dragons
Baltimore Yearbook Cover Process
Wind in the Willows Jacket Process
Locke & Key Small World
Power of the Dark Crystal Process
Usagi/TMNT Variant

Monsters & Dames '09
Monsters & Dames '12
Monsters & Dames '13
Monsters & Dames '14
Monsters & Dames '15
Iron or the War After
Jim Henson's Storyteller
Usagi Yojimbo
Fish 'N Chips
Runners: Bad Goods
Runners: Snow Job
Cursed Pirate Girl
Baltimore Yearbook '12 (Liberty Meadows)
Baltimore Yearbook '14 (Grendel)
Archie (Baltimore 2016 Yearbook)
Bodie Troll
Confederacy of Unprecedented Fellows
Usagi Yojimbo: CAPS auction/Sakai Project
Hellboy 20th Anniversary
Beyond the Western Deep
TMNT 30th Anniversary
Table Titans Vol 1
Table Titans Vol 2
Holy Grail Mice
Spongebob Squarepants #50
Mr. Toad Heroes Auction Piece

Locke & Key: Head Games SE
Ramyan 3392 story
House of Mystery story
Mondo: Brave Poster
Mondo: Rescuers Poster
Asgard's Chosen Card Art
Torchbearer RPG Chapter Art
Torchbearer Beasts 1
Torchbearer Beasts 2
Little Nemo Page
Pig Puppet Collaboration
Treepens Wands
Luna Lovegood Lion Hat
Fables #150: Last Clara Story
Gotham Academy Short
Non-Mouse Guard checklist

Snowy Valentine process part 1
Snowy Valentine process part 2
Snowy Valentine process part 3
Something New Under the Sun
Eleanor Oddbody
Watercolor Wednesday
Hogwarts RPG Portraits
Wind in the Willows: Toad spot illo
Wind in the Willows: Badger's Entry illo
Wind in the Willows: Field Mice illo
Wind in the Willows: Washerwoman Toad
Wind in the Willows: Rat's Dock
Wind in the Willows: Butler's Pantry

Pre- Mouse Guard: 1149
Mouse Development
Winter #3 Page Process
Winter #6 Panel Process
FCBD '10 Page Process
Black Axe #3 Page Process
Black Axe #4 Page Process
Black Axe: Em of Appleloft
FCBD 2009 Print Process
Vulture Print Process
UK Print Process
Peacock Print Process
Raspberry Print Process
Moonflower Print Process
Lavender Print Process
Juniper Print Process
Weasel War Print Process
Monsters & Dames '15 MG piece
FCBD '11 Story Video
FCBD '12 Story Video
FCBD '13 Story Video
FCBD '14 Story
FCBD '11 Story Process
FCBD '12 Story Process
Legends Vol 2 Storyteller Mice
Black Axe Hardcover Extras
2012 Bookplate Process
2013 Bookplate Process
2014 Bookplate Process
2015 Bookplate Process
2016 Bookplate Process
2017 Bookplate Process
Swords & Strongholds Game Artwork
Swords & Strongholds Rules Videos
Baldwin the Brave & Other Tales Cover Process
RPG 2nd Ed. Hardback Cover Process
RPG 2nd Ed. Box Set Cover Process
RPG 2nd Ed. Card Art
RPG 2nd Ed. Product Video
RPG Promo Art Process
Feather Knighting print process
Service to Seyan story process
Mouse Guard ArchLUG LEGO display
Stained Glass Veyga piece
Art Book info
Art Book Cover Process
5x7 Saxon Print Process
5x7 Sadie Print Process
5x7 Gwendolyn Print Process
5x7 Kenzie Print Process
5x7 Fox Print Process
5x7 Goose Print Process
5x7 Frog Print Process
Saxon, Kenzie, Rand vs Snake Print Process
Weasel Riding a Woodpecker
2015 Heroes Con Auction Piece
2015 Boston Con Auction Piece
2016 Boston Con Auction Piece
2016 NYCC Auction Piece
Denmark Print
Other Artists ink Mouse Guard pieces
Ɯberdoodled Art of Mouse Guard
Sketchbook Collection 2004-2015
Mouse Guard: Art of Bricks Pinup
Mouse Guard Movie Announcement
Fan Art

Square Format
2-D Design
World Building Video
Drawing Like Yourself
Learning From Copying
Inking Grey Video
1st time Con Setup Notes
Genres & Diversity in Comics
Drawing Other People's Characters Part 1
Drawing Other People's Characters Part 2
Critiques & Portfolio Reviews
Coloring Demo Videos

Cats Trio
The Big One
R Wars
Art History Comic
The Space Between Us
Updated Tower Portraits
Updated Tower Items

Jeremy Bastian
Alex Sheikman
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Sean Rubin & Alex Kain
Terry Moore
Jason Shawn Alexander
Katie Cook
Nate Pride
Mark Smylie
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Karl Kerschl
Joao Lemos
Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn
Ben Caldwell
Rick Geary
Christian Slade
Jemma Salume
Cory Godbey
Charles Paul Wilson III
Eric Canete
Jackson Sze
Justin Gerard
Bill Wilingham
Dirk Shearer

Matriarch's Chamber
Ildur Hall
The Red Snapper
Upper Port Sumac
Lower Port Sumac
The Mariner's Bell
Library Arch
Darkheather part 1
Darkheather part 2
Darkheather part 3
A Ship of Shell & Timber Scrap
Shorestone Exterior
Shorestone Interior
Haven Guildroom
June Alley Inn
Seyan Gatehouse
Strandbeest Model
Papermodel Mice
Coin Horde Column Video
Papermodel Leaf Boat Video
Toad Hall Foyer & Great Hall
Toad's Caravan & Carriage House
Rat's Boat & Kitchen

Intaglio & Relief Combo
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Extinct Print
Anniversary Relief Print

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