Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mouse Guard Model Video: Gwendolyn's Office

Through all three of the main series of my Mouse Guard books, the Matriarch's office has been featured. In Fall, it was the setting for the climactic battle against Midnight, In Winter Gwendolyn assembled her Guardmice to hunt down Abigail, and in the Black Axe Celanawe reveals his knowledge of the portrait-door as he returns to Lockhaven for his Matriarch Bronwyn. To help me in envisioning and drawing the location, I build a model of the room.

Below you can watch  a video where I talk about this model:

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Re-Run Wild's End Cover

With nine years of blogposts, I will continue to Re-Run past posts for the new fans or folks who may have missed a post the first time around.

Part of the reasoning is also that for various reasons (The health of my Mother, convention travel, behind on deadlines, and projects I'm not able to share yet) I see the need to revisit an old post once a month or so.
You can also go back and see any past posts using the Blog index: http://davidpetersen.blogspot.com/2013/12/blog-index.html)

This week:

I was pitched Wilds End as "Wind in the Willows meets War of the Worlds". So when asked to do a variant cover, it was an easy 'Yes' for the editors at BOOM! At the link below you can see the full process for this cover from concept all the way through to finished colors and every step in between:

Full Wilds End cover Process Post:

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