Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Baltimore is this weekend!!
Looking forward to the show. I'll be at the Archaia Studios Press booth all weekend. Stop by and say 'hi'

-I will be signing at Ferndale Michigan's only comic shop: Detroit Comics!
Saturday September 22nd from noon-3pm.

-I will be doing an event at the Flint Public Library in Flint, MI
on Saturday November 17th*** at 1pm. Two of the friends Mouse Guard characters are based on will be helping me read chapters of the book aloud. As a voice actor geek, I am excited to essentially be doing a 'table read' with the real life humans that inspired the mice.
I will sign books after the reading.
***The Date has been changed to January of '08. I will update with a date and time as details are available.

This last week I was stung by a bee. I was stung by a bee once before, when I was about 5 at my uncle's house. I remeber it hurting (what five-year-old wouldn't) and my Mom and Aunt putting meat tenderizer on it to nutralize the venom. So here I am a 30-year-old man, mowing his lawn, and I hit a ground nest. I'm lucky I was only stung once. I appear to be having a worse reaction. My finger (where I was stung) is swollen, and has hives. We drew a line to see if the swelling and hives were spreading or not and so far it looks like not.

Getting rid of the nest is going to be a trick. It is on the corner of our property along a chain link fence. On the other side of the fence, there is a 8" drop. So the bees also have access to their ground nest along that 'wall' on the neighbor's property. At some point next year, I want to excivate that area for a paver-walkway and patio. I'm tempted to just treat the bees with Borax and a bee trap for now and then try and dig out the hive once the ground is frozen. Although with the reaction I had to one sting, I may just call in professionals.


gdeo said...

Yikes David!!!I hope that everything is cool and that your feeling better...take care and i hopethat you have a great time at the baltimore con.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Petersen,
are you sure you`ve got a bee's nest? Or are they wasps??
It would be quite unusual for bees to build a ground nest, but a common trait for wasps...



Here are some thoughts about dealing with both:
Being stung by a single insect may hurt, being stung by several while attacking their nest is outright dangerous (not to say unwise)!

Their poison is not the only threat to content with, very often their sting will be infectuous because they carry various germs (not by choice, but wasps are essentially carnivores and explore dead meat).

And how would you draw your marvelous comic with bandaged hands??

Imho, calling a professional is a very good idea; let other people handle the dangerous stuff.

Hoping you're feeling better already and with greetings from overseas

Thomas Froehling
@ usagiyojimbo.com


mr p.
i wish u all the best.
u really r one of my best authors!!!


bunnah said...

Hi David! I just want to say that I bought the collection at the Baltimore Con today (and you signed it, double awesome!). I'll honestly say I had no idea what Mouse Guard was when I bought the book, and I love it already. I can't wait to get my hands on the Winter issues. Thanks a lot for being an artist and true storyteller, I'm telling everyone I know about MouseGuard.

Joanna said...

As always, it was fantastic to see you, Julia, and the rest of the Archaia crowd in Baltimore.

AND you were right across the aisle from Sergio Aragones! I LOVE him. Now that's a pin-up I'd love to see - Mouse Guard done Aragones style. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Hanging out with you guys in Baltimore was fantastic. We'll have to play a real game of Mouse Guard someday. Hopefully we can hang out in NY sometime (without the long wait for food, or my threats involving monkeys).

Best Regards,
Cliff (AKA that large guy that wants to do terrible things with Joe Quesada).

Fogger said...

Very cool to meet you in Baltimore - and thanks again for the sketch!

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