Saturday, October 6, 2007

Excuse the Blog silence.....

I am terribly sorry to have not been posting more regularly here. Convention season caught up with me (among other household duties, projects, colds, etc...) and I was trying to get out from under the past-due deadline that is Mouse Guard. With that in mind, please excuse Issue 2 of Winter's lateness.

After getting a dresser out of my office, that was left from when my sister-in-law was staying with us, I was able to finally put up two new sets of shelves. We had an electrician out to hook up a 220volt outlet for the stove, and I used the time he needed the power off to get these shelves assembled. My old shelf was so full, I couldn't fit anything on them and had a stack of books sitting on the top and on the floor in front of them, so while these two new shelves look empty, just think of all that as overflow around the old shelves.

You may notice on top of the shelves is a Lieam Plush!! aaaaand the grey Retailer-only PVC Mouse Guard set. Diamond was cool enough to send these along to me (The Lieam just arrived today) and It's very very cool to have the merchandise be stuff you would want to own. Our dog Autumn has already tried to snag the redfurred mouse out of my hands twice as her new chew toy, so hopefully now that he is up on a shelf, she will behave.

According to Diamond's website the Lieam plush is due out late November. The PVC set (in color) I am still waiting on word about.

I decided that the inside front cover of the winter series issues would be small nature panels. I enjoy doing them and wanted the landscape and season to really be a character in this series. So instead of doing a spot illustration of a mouse character each time, I'm doing a few panels to get the readers mind into the winter character. I recently finished all the remaining panels and Julia and I are thinking of using them as our Christmas Cards.

At the weekly Art Night group I attend, I did a few non-Mouse Guard pieces between pages to keep things fresh. after reading Rocketo for the first time a few weeks ago, I knew it would be fun to draw Rocketo Garrison (as well as Boaz) So I did this all with a brush and then colored it digitally when I got home. I also did Boaz, but I never took the time to add color. Perhaps I'll post him in a later blog post. Frank Espinosa has put together a great book. It has a nice mix of genre appeal where it's sci-fi and fantasy, and pirates, and high adventure, and war...Rocketo's got it all. I need to now pick up vol. 2!

The second is another Creator owned character of mine Fir Darrig. The first two short stories I did of him were published in the book Jeremy Bastian and I put together in '05: Ye Old Lore of Yore. Fir Darrig is a mischievous faeire folk who is called in by the king of the leprechauns for all the trouble he has caused. The world of men hate and despise all fay, and it's up to Fir Darrig to right those wrongs and change the minds of men by doing good deeds for them. It's my way to play in the world of old folklore and myth. The first story I ever wanted to do with him is a variation on the story snow, crow, and blood. This art night I figured it had 1)been a while since I had rendered anything fully in pencil and 2) been a while since I had drawn the little guy. Here he is tinted and on watercolored parchment. (perhaps a cover for when I get around to doing this book)

And lastly (for this post) here is a teaser of Issue 2 of Winter 1152. (The three panels shown are not all on the same page.)


Trishymouse said...

Ooooo...I can hardly wait for the PVC mouse guards! COOL!!!

David Ryan said...

Do I see some D&D on that second shelf?

DPetersen said...

David: Yep 2nd edition stuff. I never had the books when I was playing, always used other people's books, but when a friend of mine was moving and was trying to pare-down his belongings for packing, I got his set. (including some of the specialty books liek book of elves, dwarves, weapons, etc.)

gdeo said...

hey Dave ...hope all is well my friend...i love seeing people's work spaces and stuff around their offices.

johnpotten said...

Wow, amongst the great comics a book on Andy Goldsworthy. Somehow I knew you had great taste!

Are you going to tease us with some shots of the B&W mouseguard LE sometime?

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