Thursday, June 12, 2008

ForeWord's Book of the Year Awards
Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 won bronze in ForeWord Magazine's annual awards in the Graphic Novel category! This is the fifth straight year that an ASP book has won in the category:
**Gold Medal (2003): ARTESIA
**Silver Medal (2004): ARTESIA AFIRE
**Honorable Mention (2005): THE LONE AND LEVEL SANDS
**Bronze Award (2006): ROBOTIKA
**Bronze Award (2007): Mouse Guard Fall 1152
It is a huge honor and I thank the folks at ASP and the folks at ForeWord Magazine!!

Kenzie moonlighting in another comic!?!? Brian Anderson who draws the daily syndicated strip Dog Eat Doug sent over his strip that paid homage to Mouse Guard. Turns out Brian is a fan of Mouse Guard and couldn't help naming the mouse in this day's strip after the blue-cloaked Kenzie. You can check out Brian's site here:

Writing Folk-Songs
For part of the Winter storyline a folk-song/ballad is used. I was finding it hard to write something on my own. I wanted it to be authentic and to have the haunting charm of a song like Peggy-O has. I asked my pal Jesse Glenn, who Kenzie is based on, if he could write some music that I could use as a springboard. On a visit out to see him, he pulled out his guitar and quickly recorded the basic repeating melody with an alternate refrain*. The ballad lyrics are finished and before they are published I wanted the music to be heard as well. I plan on having the lyrics and music printed as an extra in the hardcover of Winter 1152. You can download the MP3 here
*The melody will repeat 3 times instead of the recorded 2 before hitting the refrain.

Upcoming Appearances:

Sorry about the lack of new artwork in this post. I'll try and do another post soon with some misc/non-Mouse Guard work to make up for it


Brienne said...

I like the tune of the ballad, will there be a recorded version with the words?

Glad you shared that on your blog. It's a cool addition, so kudos for doing the extra work.

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