Monday, August 31, 2009

NYT Bestsellers Week 4:
I don't know how I can still be surprised anymore, but I am!
Mouse Guard Winter 1152 is at #9. You can check out the full list here: NYT Bestsellers Graphic Novels

I will be set up at Dragon Con (Sept 4-7) in the Artist Alley. In attendance will also be Mythbuster Adam Savage. I didn't get to meet him at SDCC (despite my bribe of a free drawing to both him and whatever fan of mine brought him to my table). I hope that perhaps I'll get meet him at this show...and I'm making the same offer...

Puppet contest:
Last week, I posted about the TVTV Puppet Contest. Well here is my entry: The Snail. He was a puppet I built when I was 16 or so. Unfortunately, I had used permanent marker to trace my pattern and it showed through on the seams and where I had mis-traced. He had also lost his eyes over the years, so I gave him a makeover. He got a puffy paint stippled texture to mask the marker and cool button and feather eyes.

New Runners:
A while back I mentioned Sean Wang's awesome comic Runners (This is a pinup I did for him exploring the past crew seen in a flashback from the first series). Sean has been posting pages a every day from the first series leading up to this coming week, when Runners: The Big Snow Job starts! So if you like classic Star Wars and awesome ship and alien designs, check out Runners.

Fan Art:
This piece comes from Ryan Cabral who sent me this awesomely moody nighttime piece. I like how cinematic it feels. Thanks Ryan!!
Upcoming Appearances:
Dragon Con: Sep. 4-7
Windy City Con: Sept. 19
Detroit Comics' Book Club: Sept. 25
Long Beach Comic Con: Oct. 2-4
Baltimore Comic Con: Oct. 10-11
Mouse Guard Live Readings in the Michigan Area: TBA


Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

Congratulations on keeping on with the NYTimes list, that's great! I really like the Nightcrawler mouse too.

DPetersen said...

Evan: Thanks man! It was nice meeting you in Chicago! hopefully we can hang out again some time

Mayhem said...

Fourth week on the NY list? Roll on more Mouse Guard fans hopefully! :)

Brandon said...

Wow more AWESOME fan art and con sketches! Rand + cat is adorable! Good choice with the snacks! Yummy snacks are the best. Also love the stonework, especially the X on the rock. The amount of detail in your art astonishes me continually, and it's one of the reasons I love the B&W Edition so much and am hoping that the Winter one is given a go, because the detail really stands out in black and white in that large size.

Charlotte said...

Congrats on NYTimes! I love the copy I got and it is a beautifully made book. By the way, I'm also a huge Mythbusters fan and Adam always comes to the Maker Faire near SF. This year, he talked about his colossal failures :) --

DPetersen said...

Brandon: The winter B&W is a go!

Charlotte: I love Adam's talks. The one about obsession is one of the best.

Mayhem said...

Glad to hear we'll get a b/w Winter book David... hopefully the people producing it won't suffer from all the page overlays needed...!

Brandon said...

Woohoo! That's incredible news! You sure snuck that in there very nicely :) Do you have a rough idea when it will actually be relevant for me to tell my local comic shop that I want a copy? And/or are you planning to sell any here through the site?

Blue said...

Congrats on all the success! I love mouse guard and drew this picture in honor of it.

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