Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mouse Guard Shirts & Mugs:
I have just revamped the Mouse Guard CafePress site! There are now all new shirt designs for men, women, & children. I also added new mugs. All of the old items (with the exception of a few mugs) are now unavailable. I plan on adding items from time to time, and I ask you guys to help me. If you see something that I don't have, but you need: suggest it to me. CafePress has some limited options with the shirts and colors, but I'll do my best if enough people ask for something.

Valentine's Day
Many folks know that I have a children's book coming out in 2012. It was based on a hand-made gift I did for Julia on our first Valentine's day as husband and wife (which I intend to share next year) . For various reasons there had to be some changes from the original characters of Mouse (me) and Cardinal (Julia). In one of the tests I did for Harper Collins, I tried using a Cardinal for both characters. I also thought it would be fun to go back to traditional painting (the book now has bunnies as the duo and it's illustrated more like Mouse Guard). Here are those samples.

Fan Art:
The awesome Jay Fosgitt drew this for me last week. Jay is an amazing cartoonist, and it was cool to see how quickly he can draw and ink something (I suppose his work as a caricature artist doesn't hurt his speed). I brought the original of this home and colored it.

Upcoming Appearances:*
Alaska Library Conference: March 4-7
CGS Supershow: March 27-28
C2E2 (Archaia Booth): April 16-18
Motor City Con: May 14-16
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29
*more 2010 dates may be added


Ilia said...

The art for the Valentine's book is amazing. The roses look great. The cardinals look fantastic. Beautiful.

Jessica said...

I love all the new Cafe Press items! I don't know if they still do long-sleeved T-Shirts, but if they do, I would really like to get one. Love the Valentine's pics by the way.

Morgen said...

Love the Mouse Guard merchandise on cafepress. However I have some ideas...

I don't know how limited you are in doing any of this so feel free to shoot it all down.

t-shirts - Any chance we could have some text based t-shirts with things like
"I joined the Guard in 1152"
"I fought in the Winter War"
"Guess my cloak colour"
Maybe they could have the same crest as the stein below the text or some other design.

Mugs/cups - Would it be possible to have them with a mouse on the outside of the cup and their name on the inside?
Maybe a mouse drinking from a mug/cup on the side of the (real) mug/cup.

I have a few more ideas but I don't want to overload you.

I guess my ideas are based around original art being done for the merchandise so I understand if this isn't possible. I really like merchandise that is subtle and only fans would get and non-fans would be curious and ask about it (making them fans in the process).

p.s. Any chance the crest on the stein could be made bigger? It just seems a little small in the picture.

andres casciani said...

very wonderful illustrations! I looove your caracters! its a very delicate and magical world, thanks for shearing your imagination and work process!

Kyle said...

just ordered the stein, very nice. any word on winter b&w?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when the new projects you have coming up for Henson are going to be announced? Btw will you guys make key chains or maybe a statue book ends? I also have one final question will you ever do a Mouse guard Fall and Winter on audio CD like the Harry Potter books you listen to?

DPetersen said...

Jessica: They still do long shirts, but since I don't wear them much, I didn't put any in. I'll consider making all the designs available in long sleeve

Morgen: While I agree that subtle 'insider only' stuff can be fun, I'd rather keep the Mouse Guard stuff to 'hit them over the head it's Mouse Guard'

The Mugs ar prettty much 'slap an image on the side', nothing as specific as you mention. And the crest is as large as CafePress will allow on that stein.

Kyle: I'm waiting to hear myself. I hope that at the very lesat they are out by San Diego

Anonymous: Any Muppet related stuff will be announced by Boom, and Henson stuff will be announced through Archaia. I just share images when I'm told it's ok to.

And I think an audio version of Mouse Guard loses the very important visual element. The Audio books I listen to were text only, so you don't miss anything.

I have done live readings where the images are displayed behind us while a cast reads the various parts. I'd like to do more of that, but venues were never very interested and my travel time is limited.

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