Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Muppet Snow White #2 Cover Process

Here is my cover for Muppet Snow White #2. This cover was not used for solicitation (one of those instances where I was not able to get the cover completed by the solicitation date) but it will be printed as cover A on issue 2. On this one I was able to get the sketch, pencils, and inks done quickly and without much pain, but the colors were an endless tweaking job. At one point it was much more blue overall with a green (poison) apple. Julia suggested a different palette and to make the apple red. I think the cover is better for it.

Piggy Sketch:
As I said above, the sketch and drawing for Snow White #2 was fairly straight forward. I started with a thumbnail (lower right corner) and then started drawing a more finished version. You may notice that I did not draw the right eye or hand. Since I was going to scan this and resize it to fit the final art size, I could just copy and mirror those features from the right side. The trick when mirroring these things is to alter them slightly. If a drawing is too symmetrical, it doesn't look right. This is also a rare instance of me doing rendering on a drawing intended for ink, but I wanted to plan out some of the lighting at this stage that I would ultimately realize in color. I used my late 70s Fisher Price Piggy puppet as a lighting reference.

Free Comic Book Day!
This Saturday from 11am-3pm I'll be at Graham Crackers in Chicago (loop location) for Free Comic Book Day! I'll be signing books, chatting with fans, and I'll also be tweeting ways to get some other free Mouse Guard goodies at Graham Crackers
I got a few advance copies of the Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock book, so I was able to take a sneak peak and it looks great! I am honored that Archaia included me in a Free Comic Book Day offering and I hope fans enjoy it as well.

Fan Art:Mikaël Morin-Hamelin is an animation student in Quebec who emailed his fan art to me. It's a 3D rendering of Kenzie in his Winter gear. Great job Mikaël!

Upcoming Appearances:*
Graham Crackers Comics Chicago, IL May 1st (FCBD)
Motor City Con: May 14-16
Kids Read Comics: June 12th (Sat. only)
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29
*more 2010 dates may be added


Morgen said...

I got an advance copy of the Mouse Guard FCBD issue as well. Just amazing as always and that's all I'll say to avoid spoilers. Bring on Legends of the Guard! I have Mouse Guard fever again!

Mayhem said...

I'll be heading to my local shop on Saturday to get a copy, and hopefully a few more for those I know who don't live anywhere near a shop in Europe supporting this. Seen the preview, looking good already :)

Kyle said...

Can't wait for FCBD! Awesome cover art as always. Also I know I seem to ask every time I post a comment, but is there a release date yet for Winter B&W? Borders' website says May 4th, and another was saying April 7th (obviously not)

Anonymous said...

Are you just giving away stuff at the store your going to on FCBD or will other people be able to get the stuff that will not be going to that store?

DPetersen said...

Kyle: I do not have a date yet.

DAB: Currently the plan is for the prizes to go out to people at Graham Crackers on Saturday. If that changes, I'll tweet about it.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks, it would be cool if I could get some Mouse Guard stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Just got my Mouse Guard FCND book and it was awesome!! David you did a great job and the Muppet flip was cool 2. Its great to see that comic creators such as yourself giving back to his fans!!


Anonymous said...

I just want to complement you on the FCBD issue. The animals and backgrounds were amazing!! One of the most beautiful Mouse Guard books ever! I hope you have a new ustream soon because I have some questions to ask you about it:). Can wait for Legends to come out!!!!

Anonymous said...

in regard to the bear, was the snack left as an appeasement, i.e. to a deity? or more like a mafioso payment for protection? friends and i are really interested in finding out more about the mice's interaction with other animals in the world.

Morgen said...

I think the snack for the bear was an "eat this and not us" kind of deal. Although of course that brings its own problems. If they keep feeding the bear it isn't going to go away.

I personally found it a brilliant piece of story telling and I did not expect a bear at the end!

Anonymous said...

We struck out on the FCBD issue. Is there any other way to get it or are we now totally hosed?

-Sad in SD

Tim Bolton said...

Brilliant issue! Loved seeing all the preparations being made for Spring! Loved the scent border scene.

And the iceing on the cake Grasslake's snapping turtle which incidently is a mission in the MG RPG! In fact, reading the FCBD Mouse Guard makes you realise how good the MG RPG is in covering what David has fleshed out for his world - the redoing of the scent border, apiaries, etc.

I don't think the bear is seen as a god of sorts - that is more Mice Templar thinking, but the MG mice have to repel/distract the bigger threats with such things as the scent border. Question - if mice are intelligent, are bears?

Big thumbs up anyways, can't wait for the Legends!

Mayhem said...

@Sad in SD - check out eBay, bound to be copies floating about for sale cheaply there in your neighbourhood.

Was there a promo poster/sheet David for FCBD this year like the previous two years perchance? I forgot to ask before... if so, any chance of holding one for me for SDCC? :)

DPetersen said...

Glad everyone liked the FCBD issue! If you are having trouble finding it, you may want to try ebay. My only other sugestion is to call other stores in your area (or beyond) to see if they have a surpluss and what they plan to do with them.

DAB: I am out of town, but will ustream as soon as I can once I'm home.

RE: The Bear: I don't want to give you much more than I did in the story. Not because it's a huge plot secret or a major development for later, but because I like having part of the world unexplained. It leaves room for the fan's imagination and for wanting more. I will say that Morgen and Tim are on the right track though

Tim: All animals above a bug are intelligent. Not all animals will recognize the other group's intelligence though. Like when White man first encountered Native Americans they were written off as 'primative savages'.

Mayhem: No print this year. In the past years, those has served as a free item when no other free Mouse Guard item existed. This year, the book served that need.

Brandon said...

David, I'm sorry I haven't been on your blog as much recently! I drop by to see what's new when I can, I've just been a lot busier recently.

I went and picked up the FCBD Mouse Guard this weekend, and I loved the story! For a short story, it was told perfectly! What a fantastic intro to Spring :)

It's SO awesome that Archaia decided to do FCBD this year, and that Mouse Guard could be a part of that!

Sorry to hear of the delay on Winter B&W. Budget is tight these days, but that's a book I've definitely been waiting for.

For those looking for a copy of FCBD Mouse Guard, I suggest Mile High Comics. I have had nothing but great experiences shopping online with them over the years:


Mr.Craig said...

Dave, It was great to finally meet you at Graham Crackers on FCBD. I was super impressed by the "Spring" Comic. I can't wait for all the stuff that is coming out. Again It was great meeting you, and thanks for answering all my questions. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, $8 on Ebay (incl shipping) for a free comic. Such is life.
::waits for the mail to arrive::

Bring on the Legends!!

--Less Sad in SD

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, since I'm here, is there a reason the block print shirt is available for toddlers and for adults but not for kids?

As my luck would have it, it's my 5-year-old son's favorite design.

Less Sad in SD

DPetersen said...

Less Sad: I didn't add the shirt because the only non-white color alternative for the kids tee is grey (opposed to cream or light yellow for adults & infants). I added it on a grey shirt for you though.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! If it meets with fickle, capricious 5-yr-old approval, he'll wear it to Comic-Con. Thanks a bunch.

-Not really sad in SD

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