Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I needed to do a spot illustration of the exterior of the June Alley Inn. While it has appeared twice in the comics from the outside (and only once on the inside) prior to Legends of the Guard, I reworked it's architecture to fit the needs of the Legends series. Once I changed the interior though, I needed to extend those changes to the exterior: door centered on building, no lower windows, 2nd floor large enough for tenant rooms, etc. I tried my best to honor the design I had used before (based heavily on a Storybook Style building in California) so that the new facade wouldn't be too jarring even to the most astute Mouse Guard fan.

Ink & Stein:
This Month's Ink & Stein will be this Saturday at the Marriott in Ypsilanti 7pm-12am. Artists of all kinds are welcome to join us socialize and work. The goal is to get us out of our studios to bounce ideas off one another, get to meet some new people, and perhaps have a cocktail or two. For the most part, we encourage you to bring your own work, but in the next few months we are going to try and organize a charity jam piece and perhaps a field trip to the zoo for some animal-life drawing. Ink & Stein Facebook page for the group and for this month's event so if you are interested feel free to touch base with us there.

Fan Art:
This week's Fan art is from Emma Lazauski who did some fun character drawings of Saxon, Celanawe, Kenzie, & Lieam. She has some lovely spot illustrations of other animal characters on her blog: http://oddsketch.blogspot.com/ Thanks Emma!
Upcoming Appearances:
Harper Woods Library reading: June 28 6pm
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29
New York Comic Con (Archaia booth): Oct 8-10
Mid-Ohio Con: Nov. 6-7


Anonymous said...

So you will not sell the Sketchbook online lika last year? Think of us Mouse Guards fans in Europe!

Tim Bolton said...

Hi David,
Same question - will we be able to order them from you online, I was glad I did last year!


Brandon said...

Love the cover for Sketchbook 2010! It's so awesome of you to keep doing a sketchbook every year :)

And the behind-the-scenes stuff is awesome as always :) Keep it coming! It's always my favorite stuff to read on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Argh! Want! Hopefully I'll get one at Comic Con on Friday, along with the RPG book. I've been holding off buying that 'til the 'con.

Hungry in SD

Anonymous said...

I hope that the new 2010 sketchbooks will be available to order like last year! I don't want to pay 50 to 60 dollars on ebay just because I can't make a convention. Btw can we order the posters that you have available?


morgen said...

Here's a quote from David regarding the 2010 sketchbook and other cool stuff.

"Perhaps after San Diego we will sell sketchbooks, but I am supposed to limit my sales of posters, sketchbooks etc. to conventions per my contract at Archaia"

This of course isn't a guarantee.

Mayhem said...

It's why I end up bringing back a fair few bits for other people from San Diego, because I'm one of the "lucky" ones able to attend...

Sketchbooks and posters will, of course, be on the agenda, and maybe a commission if I'm fortunate...

DPetersen said...

We will sell remaining sketchbooks via email orders after SDCC. i can not sell posters this way, but because the Sketchbooks are in a limited quantity, I can.

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