Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Inks to Colors:
Last week I was working on a piece I thought it would be nice to share on Ustream. So I set up my camera rig over my lightbox and recorded the inks. Then I scanned the piece and recorded the flatting process of coloring, and pushed on into the night with a third recording where I rendered and finished the piece...almost. In the last steps of the last stage of rendering, Photoshop crashed, and (since I didn't save once because I was thinking about narrating the ustream) I lost the whole thing and had to rescan. Next day, without streaming, I rescanned and recolored the piece. The finished piece is above. The videos* mentioned (including the fatal crash) are below:
*They are each over an hour long, and the sound quality is a bit 'underwater-ish' but per request, I have posted them.

Upcoming Appearances:
West Hollywood Book Fair: Sept. 26
New York Comic Con (Archaia booth): Oct 8-10
Mid-Ohio Con: Nov. 6-7


M Althauser said...

I had a chance to watch the inking, and it's fascinating to watch the progress. Thanks for putting up the videos!

Anders K. Sekanina said...

I noticed in the inking video that you didn't use blue pencil. Is there any particular reason for that, or is it that you just don't use them?

Max West said...

Hmm, I wonder if that fox will get a meal out of this encounter.

Rob said...

My daughters and I were watching you that night (although they went to sleep earlier). Sorry you lost a bunch of work, but if it is any consolation, my girls are excited to try to color some of their own pictures they've drawn.

Brian said...

Very cool David, thanks for sharing. I don't have the time to watch them now but I will do so shortly.

DPetersen said...

I must have embedded the videos incorrectly. I now have direct links above the videos you can go to.

Anders: I don't use blue just because that's not really my process. People who use blue pencil tend to draw their sketches and layouts directly on the final comic page so they don't have to erase pencil lines after they ink.

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