Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Legends of the Guard Creator Spotlight: Joao Lemos
For the hardcover collection, I asked Portuguese artist Joao Lemos to do an epilogue. Instead of a typed interview though, I asked him questions and talked with him about story, process, and his past works on Skype. Here in two parts, is my interview/conversation with Joao.
I appologize that Joao's audio is fuzzy, it is a fault of my recording set-up.

The Legends of the Guard hardcover collects issues 1-4 of the Mouse Guard spinoff anthology series and is available tomorrow 11-17-10. In addition to Joao's epilogue also features a cutaway of the in, map of the territories, a guide to the characters, cover gallery, and a contributor section with bios and sketches. It is available at your local comic shop and major book sellers.


Anonymous said...

I really like how you incorporated pictures into the web chats. I am excited to get my hands on Legends of the Guard this Christmas! Are you sure yet of the release of The Black axe series? And a random question here, but what is your favorite Lord of the Rings character? I just wanted to know as a big Lord of the Rings fan.
Thank you for all you do,
Sincerely DAB
PS is there a ustream in the near future?

DPetersen said...


Interview: Glad you liked the interview! I figure I may try a few more like this when it comes time for Legends Volume 2.

Black Axe: Should start Dec. 15th

LotR: Frodo and Aaragorn are both compelling characters.

Ustream: I don't have anything I can work on publicly at the moment, but perhaps in a few weeks I'll try.

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