Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the Heels of 2011: Busy week with holidays, gatherings, friends, family, and deadlines looming. So I'll share some past work I've done.

(row 1 L-R: 'mice smoking', 'mouse-kong', 'x-mice #141'. row 2: 'LoEG's Mr. Hyde', 'in memory of Alice', 'Muppet Abbey Road')

Fan Art:
Outcast Studios' forum has a Daily Sketch Challenge and a few weeks ago they had Saxon as their subject for the day. You can follow this link to see the various contributions (like the one to the left by 'busasami')

2011 Appearances
MSU Comics Forum: Jan. 22
C2E2: March 18-22
Phoenix Comic Con: May 26-29
Cherry Capital Con: June 12-13
San Diego Comic Con: July 20-24
Baltimore Comic Con: Aug. 20-21
New York Comic Con: Oct. 14-16


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, after Black Axe, the Weasel war 1149 is coming up right? I can't wait to see Saxon again! And will Loukas be in Black Axe or the Weasel war?

Anonymous said...

the comment above was DAB sorry

Anonymous said...

Phenomenal Christmas artwork.
Happy New Year!!!


Kevin Bandt COnCepTs said...

Hey ! I will see you at C2E2! You should Check out Spring Con in Minnesota! its a pretty awesome show.

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