Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Comic Book Day:
Saturday May 7th is Free Comic Book Day this year. For those unfamiliar, you can walk into your local comic book retailer, and they will have a selection of FREE comics that have (mostly) been specially created for the idea of getting everyone from existing comic fans to folks who have never picked up an issue of anything to try something for nothing. I will be at Meltdown Comics in LA to sign the Mouse Guard/Dark Crystal flip book Archaia published for FCBD. You can preview the book here
Excuse the short post this week. I'm trying to tie up some loose ends and get back on track with page production before family arrive for the Easter weekend. 'Till next week, enjoy this image of an apothecary mouse where I infused visual reference from: the MG RPG, historic recreation photos, the Cadfel DVD series, and a 1506 German urine chart for calculating what ails you.
Upcoming Appearances:
FCBD: Meltdown Comics: May 7
Phoenix Comic Con: May 26-29
Cherry Capital Con: June 12-13
San Diego Comic Con: July 20-24
Baltimore Comic Con: Aug. 20-21
New York Comic Con: Oct. 14-16


Mayhem said...

You're a fan of Cadfael as well? My parents used to watch it religiously (excuse the pun!) and it was a series allowing Derek Jacobi to shine.

Anonymous said...

That's an amazing commission! I grew up on cadfael movies and am happy to say I own them all:)

CraftyAndy said...

Sweet, you're one of the few artist I still can follow these economic times. No idea who Cadfael is will have to look that up.

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