Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Congrats in advance!
Jesse Glenn (my friend & the real life basis for Kenzie) and his girlfriend Tomoko Miller are getting married this weekend! I am proud to be serving as the best man and looking forward to having a front-row seat to seeing them tie the knot (provided I don't get him in too much trouble tonight at the bachelor party...)

Colored Artwork:
Last night I did a Ustream as I colored artwork that would otherwise never be colored or published (they are not Mouse Guard related). I did so to 1) have a Ustream event and 2) to have some material to share here on the blog for the next few weeks as a wedding, SDCC, & a family get together bar me from current posts). I really like the finished piece, but because it's not how foxes behave in Mouse Guard, I couldn't include it in this year's sketchbook without creating confusion.

Older Sketches:
While looking for material to fill the blog in advance with for the next few weeks, I stumbled across this drawing of a Mystic (or Uru) from the Dark Crystal. I did this sketch as a warm-up before I did the Dark Crystal poster for Archaia a few years back. The sketch is unfinsihed, but I remember at the time wondering if I had it in me to take something rough like this and use it as the foundation for a digital painting. This seems to be as far as I got, which makes for a nice quick study but a rather unfinished digital painting.

Fan Art:
This week the art was sent in by Alex Challand. He said that Mouse Guard inspires his own artwork. Thanks for the kind words Alex! Very glad you sent this in, I like the character you have put into this mouse with his cool hood & belts.
Upcoming Appearances:
San Diego Comic Con: July 20-24
Baltimore Comic Con: Aug. 20-21
New York Comic Con: Oct. 13-16


Anonymous said...

Love the fox! My son loves it, too. See you (again) at Comic Con. I've been too late for a commission the last two years; maybe this year the timing gods will smile on me.

Slurm in SD

Alex said...

Thanks David =D

Daniel said...

That's my fox! ;-D

I really was blown away with the result, especially on the armor. When I asked for a fox with "armor or something" it was more of a passing idea, but you really went all out on the leaf-mail and plating. Great coloring job, too!

DPetersen said...

Daniel: it was a fun one to do. The armor was a great way for me to play with design and texture. Glad you like it still!

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