Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dead Duck & LBM:
As a birthday gift for Jay Fosgitt last month, I did this piece honoring a few of his characters & designs: Dead Duck & The Little Blue Men. For Dead Duck, I abanondoned Jay's design to draw the character as if it were a real undead duck. Jay liked that idea when I had sketched the character before, so I knew it would go over well with him again. And riding Dead Duck are the Little Blue Men, the rivals to the main characters in the book Jay drew & wrote for APE: The Little Green Men. The Green guys are tiny alien interpretations of the Three Stooges, so in a moment of brilliance, Jay designed some blue men that are tiny alien versions of the Marx Brothers. I love the Marx Bros. & I think Jay nailed the deigns for those guys.

Mouse Guard Costumes!
With Halloween last week, I wanted to wait for a few last minute photos to come in of all the amazing fans dressed as Mouse Guard characters! Enjoy!

Three ladies at Dragon*Con as Lieam, Saxon, & Kenzie

Nicole Costa sent this picture of her God Daughter as Gwendolyn

Katie Cook & Ryan Wilcox's daughter Grayson as Kenzie

James Mangles as Lieam with the Black Axe

Jeff Hendrickson & his girlfriend as Lieam & Sadie

A very little and adorable Guardmouse.
Upcoming Appearances:
London Super Con: Feb 25-26
Emerald City: March 30-April 1
Boston Comic Con: April 21-22

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