Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Next week I'm going to see the Mythbusters Live show in Detroit! I'm a big fan of the show and for what Adam & Jamie (and Tori, Kari, & Grant) have done to inspire kids to be more interested in science and math. I've made no secret at San Diego that one of my biggest goals is to meet Adam Savage. Anyhow, I'm getting off track from the artwork...I'm a fan, you knew that...time for me to move on. I did this piece a while back, when I had marionettes on the brain from designing the cover and interior story for the Mouse Guard Free Comic Book Day story.

I drew the sketches while hanging out with Nate Pride. We were the only two to show up to an event at my house, so I wrote it off as a lost work night and decided to draw for fun. The pencil sketches are much larger than I normally work each figure is about 12" tall. I looked at pictures of Adam and Jamie to try and capture a carved wooden caricature of them both. I scanned these in and combined them into one smaller piece. I also made edits in photoshop, I altered the scale of their heads as well as the marionette Busters. I also dropped in a stock photo of their logo.

Using a printed version of my photoshoped collage of the corrected doodles and logo photo, I inked the piece on a sheet of 12" x 12" strathmore bristol. The inkwork is all done with Copic MultiLiner pens (mostly using the 0.7 nib). I debated inking in the strings on the piece itself or inking them on an overlay so I could easily establish color holds on them later. I opted to get the stings in the original art, so that if I ever get the chance to give this to them, it will look complete.

The last step was to scan my inks and color them. The largest part of this job as editing in what areas of my inkwork would be a color instead of black. The rest of the work was in getting the subtle colors I wanted for the puppets so they looked like they were painted wooden puppets that have been dented and dinged around a bit. I was already looking forward to the show this weekend, and sharing this piece with you has only made me more excited.

I also think it would be a lot of fun to make these puppets....but that is for another day when Mouse Guard pages aren't calling...

2012 Appearances:
Emerald City: March 30-April 1
C2E2: April 13-15
Boston Comic Con: April 21-22
FCBD: Jetpack Comics: May 5th
Heroes: June 22-24
San Diego Comic Con: July 11-15
Baltimore Comic Con: Sept 8-9
New York Comic Con: Oct 11-14
Detroit Fanfare: Oct 26-28


Emmairl said...

Just saw a link for this on Twitter. Thank you for sharing your process. I am fascinated by the way artists create.I hope you get to meet Adam (& everyone else). In an odd coincidence of timing, I actually met them all - well not Kari :( - yesterday!! They are all delightful & kind and appreciate their fans very much.

Mr.Craig said...

Dear Mr. Petersen, I need you to know how I am feeling about MouseGuard right now. I have a special admiration for it in my heart. I have always liked Anthropomorphic, and from your posts and comments I am sure you and I would get along swimmingly. However it is with great dismay that I must say arrrrgggghhhhh. I need more MouseGuard. I have three autographed books, and a framed?signed poster in my living room (Katie Cook's is only in the dining room).How can I convince you to visit South Dakota, or at least some place closer than your current tour. My wife makes an amazing dinner, my daughter Zoe and my Dog Chewbacca are really quite fun. Perhaps you could visit for dinner on an extended layover in Sioux Falls. Tell me what I need to do to work things out.
Signed Mr. Craig
P.s. Do you know Andrew Burnett or Jason Mach they both grew up in Michigan :)

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