Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inking Video:
I cobbled together the video below because of some recent conversations at conventions with aspiring artists and students made me realize I had something to say on the subject of inking greys as a technique. Now, I think if you had witnessed the various times I've shared these thoughts at conventions, you would find the points were made clearer, were more fully explained, and overall more interesting when given in person. Somehow in organizing these ideas, pairing them with images & demos, and keeping them on-track and to the point, I lost something...but forgive me and enjoy/glean whatever you can from this.(I'm also not well versed at setting up and using my tech for this type of project, so excuse the sound)
Here's a direct link: https://vimeo.com/49680379

inking grey from David Petersen on Vimeo.

Recent Commissions:
I put forward these recent commissions* as examples of filling 2-d shapes and compositions with varying textures and patterns of grey as a quieter and less rambley example of what I was trying to get across in the above video.

*Commissions are only available in conjunction with conventions I attend.
Unfortunately I do not have an open list when at home.

Watercolor Wednesday:
In the excitement of the new Hobbit Trailer, I decided last week's first piece should be this Bilbo painting I did for my German publisher's website (though I added the door after I send the scan to them). While I like this painting overall, I don't think this is my definitive Bilbo Baggins...it seems more like a random Halfling from a D&D adventure of my youth.

In keeping with the fantasy theme, I also made available this goblin like beastie and this trollish-horned-beastie. Both were painted quickly after some rough pencil lines were laid down to suggest the overall shape of the head and placement of the features.

Tomorrow I'll post some new Watercolor paintings available for purchase in the online store

2012 Appearances:
New York Comic Con: Oct 11-14
Detroit Fanfare: Oct 26-28
Thought Bubble: Nov 17-18
*2013 dates coming soon*


Cory Kerr said...

Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to show this! Very helpful.

Blitz55 said...

This was great to see. Id love to see more videos like this. I know you're busy but even just something talking about your favorite artists and such with examples is interesting.

Blitz55 said...

I just watched your world building video that you did with Jeremy Bastian. That was fantastic, and WOW does his art have some Detail. I went and checked out his blog, very inspiring. I loved the suggestions at the end because I have been a Brian Froud fan for a very very long time, I have both the books you showed including several others of his.The world building thing reminds me of this, not sure if you have seen it but check out the Wormworld Saga.

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