Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fan Art:
I've gotten way behind in sharing Fan Art as I get it these days. So, I've posted a gallery on Facebook of all the past Fan Art that has been shared on the blog, and Today I'm going to post the rest of everything I've let get past me Fan Art wise. I apologize to the artists for taking so long to share your work. I also apologize if someone's work slipped through the cracks. If that's the case (or you want to share something new), email or mail the fan art to the contact info shown here: http://www.mouseguard.net/contact/
Amy Crowder

Amy Stroffolino pipecleaner Lieam

Ariel G's Tattoo

Christina Smalley

Dee Pio

Derek McLean's Tattoo 

Donnie Chase

F Bonn

Fred Portal

George Bryan

Henrik Sahlstrom

Henrik Sahlstrom

James Harren

Jamie Cosley

Jenna Smith

Jerome Jacinto

Kyla Richards

Lauren Gardiner

Lauren Gardiner 

Laura Wendt

Maeve Roe

Matt Minor

Michael Maher



Rio Taylor

Roberto Garcia Lombrana

Robin French

Ryan Ottley


Sean McFarland


Amanda Rodgers

Blake Craig

Felted Kenzie by ??

Georgia Shaw

Jeremy Lemastus

Mayumi Loraine

Merren Bouth

Clint Basinger

Jason Gerstein

Nichole Stamper

Tom Beland

Andy Runton

Brian Hurtt

Silly Nate

Francesco Francavilla

Morgan Bilicki


Ryan Cabral

Thomas Mayer

Rahb Gee

Joey Han

Watercolor Wednesdays:
Here's a closer look at last my offerings last week for Watercolor Wednesday. First up is Moshie from Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are. He's always been my favorite of the Wild Things. He misses Max.

The other is a bird in Renaissance-esque garb...and some kind of hair/fine-feather beard. I don't know...sometimes this stuff just falls out of my brain and onto the paper without me having a clue where it came from.

Tomorrow I'll post more original watercolor paintings for purchase in the online store.

2012 Appearances:
Thought Bubble: Nov 17-18

2013 Appearances: Emerald City: March 1-3
Fabletown Con: March 22-24
C2E2: April 26-28
Spectrum Live: May 17-19
Heroes Con: June 7-9
San Diego Comic Con: July 17-21
*more 2013 dates coming*

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