Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Harry Potter Art collection

No April Fool's Trick...Instead of sharing process or my own artwork this week, I'm going to share part of my original art collection, my Harry Potter themed pieces! I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling's writing and the deep world she created (especially considering how easy it is to mess up writing stories with 'magic'). I thought Potter would be a perfect theme for me to ask for when commissioning or art trading with my favorite artists. There are so many characters (generational) as well as locations, memorable scenes, & creatures that I can give the artist a great deal of freedom to play And I'm a big enough fan, that no matter how obscure they get, I'll still be very happy. Here is the collection thus far: (to the left: a print of the Hogwarts' Crest by Joe Dragunas)

Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, & Harry by Jon Morris

Snape & Harry by Skottie Young

Hagrid by Brandon Dayton

Harry playing Quidditch by Duncan Fegredo

Ron playing Keeper (Weasley is our King...) by Katie Cook 

The "Unabridged" 1st chapter of Order of the Phoenix by Katie Cook 

Harry playing Quidditch by Craig Rousseau

Harry years 1-7 sketchcards by Jeremy Treece

A Dementor by Nate Pride

The Gurg (King of the Giants) by Nate Pride

Voldemort by Dave Guertin

Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore by Cory Godbey

Dobby the House Elf by Cory Godbey

Kreacher (servant to the house of Black) by Justin Gerard

Rita Skeeter by Paolo Rivera

Young Sirius Black by Becky Cloonan

Hogwarts Adjunct Professor: George Harrison by Andrew Robinson

Luna Lovegood by Chrissie Zullo

Hagrid & Buckbeak silhouette art by Jennifer Menken

Bellatrix Lestrange by Eric Canete

A Thestral by Jeremy Bastian

Alastor "Mad Eye" Moody by Jeremy Bastian

The Sphinx from the 3rd Tri-Wizard task by Jeremy Bastian

Neville Longbottom kills Nagini by Jeremy Bastian

Fenrir Greyback by Ben Caldwell

Luna Lovegood by Jeeyon Kim

Young Minerva Mcgonagall by Ming Doyle

Mouse Harry Potter by Eric Muler

Beedle the Bard by Cory Godbey

Prof. Sybill Trelawney with Harry & Hermione by Jay Fosgitt

Harry & Dobby by Eric Muller

Harry vs the Basilisk by Sean Price

Young Marauders by Comfort Love & Adam Withers

Dobby by Nick Bradshaw

Rowina Ravenclaw by Matthew Dow Smith

I hope you guys enjoyed the look at these pieces. Not only for perhaps an introduction to some artists work you may not be familiar with, but also to see how a variety of styles, mediums, and layouts can all serve one property or theme. You may have favorites among these, but every one does a great job at capturing some part of the Potter mythos. How amazing would it be to see a Harry Potter anthology graphic novel featuring artwork from the contributors above? WB? JK?

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Eric Lee said...

These pieces look fantastic. It's weird, Harry Potter never captured me, but I do love the pieces here.

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