Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Watercolor Wednesday Digital collection

Between August of 2012 & August of 2013 I did a year long experiment to create and sell small, affordable, and fun watercolor paintings that I could release each Wednesday. It was a fun year-long project and gave me a way to try some new things as well as a way for fans of mine to collect some of my work on a more wallet-friendly scale. 

And now I've collected pieces from that year into a digital book! You can purchase the 90 page digital book here for only $5:

The digital book got a design treatment like it was an odd old photo album or scrap book and was put together by book designer extraordinaire (as well as Legends Vol 1 contributor) Nate Pride. 72+ pages of paintings....fairy folk, dragons, household objects, monsters, and whimsy. I've also included a number of never before seen paintings (which will all be released tomorrow sometime in my online store as a one-time Watercolor Wednesday blowout)

Below you can see some of the familiar painting as well as how the book is designed.

I'd originally intended to release this book as rollout with a "year 2" of the Watercolor Wednesday project, but unfortunately I don't know that I'll do a second year because of scheduling. But for now, whether you were part of that first year or not, you can now collect all the original-themed paintings in one digital volume here:

2014 Appearances:
NY Comic Con: Oct. 9-12
Lucca Comics & Games (Italy): Oct. 31-Nov. 2


Brandon said...

Is there any chance you'll do a physical printing of this book? Maybe as a Kickstarter?

DPetersen said...


Sorry, at this point, no.

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