Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Legends of the Guard Volume 3 Hardcover

Tomorrow the third volume of Legends of the Guard comes out! I love getting to do the Legends of the Guard series because I get to work with so many amazingly talented folks who lend their artistic voices to the myth and lore of Mouse Guard. Today's blogpost is about the Hardcover and all the awesome stuff that will be collected inside.

To the right you can see my hand-drawn pagination guide editor Cameron Chittock and I used to assemble the volume. As you can see all the contributor stories are included (see below), but so are all the covers (including variants by Eric Muller, Humberto Ramos, and Ramon Perez), a new map, a 2nd floor cutaway of the June Alley Inn, and an epilogue by Lauren Pettapiece (see further below)

Stories and Contributors:

The Gosling & the Ghost: Mark Buckingham
The Mouse and the Moon: Skottie Young

The Armor Maker: Hannah Christenson

The Fall of Briarwall: Nicole Gustafsson & C.M. Galdre

Fallen: Dustin Nguyen

The Dancers: Kyla Vanderklugt

Nain Rouge: Mark Nelson

The Inventor: Jake Parker

The Tale of Abdiel's Heart: Ramon Perez

The Lament of Poor Lenora: Becky Cloonan

The Watcher's Stone: Ryan Lang

an epilogue with pages from me:

The hardcover has a two page spread dedicated to learning a little more about the patrons in the June Alley Inn this time around. 

You can also take a look back to past blogs about the process of creating each cover:

So enjoy Legends of the Guard Volume 3 Hardcover for all it's stories and extras!

2015 Appearances:
Art-Bubble Comics Festival: Copenhagen: Nov. 14-15
2016 Dates coming soon.

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