Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Re-Run: Legends of the Guard Cover Process

For the start of 2016 I need to put my Blog on hiatus. This is due to a combination of reasons: not having material I can currently share to post about, being behind on important projects & unable to dedicate the time to develop new posts, and some personal/life things going on with the health of my Mother.

I will return to regular posting with process, tutorials, insights, advice, behind the scenes, stuff from the vault, and more before summer or hopefully sooner.
In the meantime, over the course of the hiatus, I've decided that each week in place of a new post, I'd link back to one of my favorite posts over the past 9 years of me updating this blog. Think of it as a greatest hits re-run on something you may have missed in that time. (And you can visit past posts anytime using the Blog Index: http://davidpetersen.blogspot.com/2013/12/blog-index.html)

This week:
Legends of the Guard Volume 2 & 3 Covers

Legends of the Guard covers are always fun for me. I get to really stretch out and try odd & interesting stuff that might not otherwise ever fit into the normal Mouse Guard comics. Below are links to 10 step-by-step cover blogs for all of Volume 2 & 3 of Legends of the Guard

Volume 2
#1: Copperwood Miner:

#2: Dayle's Orations:

#3: Morten-Harvest Trio Dance

#4: Coin Horde Memorial

Hardcover: Gatherers in the Dale

Volume 3
#1: Lost Calogero Caravan

#2: Bernarr & the Maple War

#3: Barron Finbarr Murough

#4:Moth Potentate Coronation

Hardcover: Cloverdale Snake Tamer

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