Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More Toned Paper Commissions

A little over a month ago, I posted about my plan to offer toned paper commissions at HEROES con. Well the process went so well, I've decided to keep it up. This coming weekend is Boston Comic Con, and I'll be doing these at the con for $200. (first come, first served, new list every day.) Like Heroes & SDCC, I'll try and have a few pre-done as examples that will also be for sale. These are bust-only, with marker, pencil, and white. To the left you can see a few of the Heroes con samples and below examples of pieces I was commissioned to do at that show and SDCC:

Midnight with the Black Axe

A Mouse Ranger

The Worm from Labyrinth

A Bunny wearing clothes

Master Splinter

My version of Basil, the Great Mouse Detective

Trapjaw from He-Man

Koj from Tellos


A Guardmouse with a mace



Guardmouse with an Axe

Spirit of Christmas Present mouse 


Wizard Mouse

Steampunk Saxon


Boober from Fraggle Rock


Remy from Ratatouille

Mr. Fox

Hogwarts Mouse

Mouse Healer

Rocket Raccoon

Mrs. Brisby 


2016 Appearances:

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ben_ said...

Gods, Mrs. Brisby! It was probably the most impressive Movie of my Childhood. And it explains (a part) of my lvoe for Mous Guard. Thanks for bringing back the Memories!

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