Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 Mouse Guard Sketchbook

The 2016 Sketchbook is finally coming out! Like previous years, this is a 24 page, full-color, sketchbook collection of pieces I drew and colored within the last year.  Limited to 500 copies, signed and numbered, it will debut at New York Comic Con (I'll be in Artist Alley: J1)

But...I have it available in my online store already as a pre-order (they will be shipped out when I return home from NYC)

Below you can see a few sample pages from this year's book:

Top L-R: Morello the patron mouse of Printmaking ~ Kenzie, Saxon, & Lieam on a Fall patrol ~ a fierce band of Guardmice. Bottom L-R: Guardmice fanning a peacock with collected feathers ~ The 5th Black Axe ~ Sadie in a leaf boat.

I didn't take as many inked commissions in the last year as I have in the past, and because of that, putting together a sketchbook took longer than past years as well. I filled the book mostly with personal pieces I drew for myself or for fun (and a few of those originals will be for sale in my portfolio at NYCC and in my online store afterwards if they are unsold). And with my schedule probably becoming more busy because of Weasel War, My Mom's health, and the Mouse Guard film, I don't know if 2017 will have a sketchbook...

2016 Appearances:
New York Comic Con: Oct 6-9
2017 Dates coming soon...

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Joseph Mead said...

Hello David! I'm a huge fan of your books, and am currently a freshman at Kendall College of Art and Design to become a comic book artist! Thank you so much for your beautiful work. I noticed that you mentioned the Weasel War, and was hoping you could tell us when you're expecting it to be released? Also, how's the movie coming along?

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