Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mouse Guard Model Video: Sprucetuck

In Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 the mice first travel to the city of Sprucetuck, a hidden away vertical settlement inside of the trunk of a spruce tree. To help me design & draw the location for the comic, I built a model of cardboard & bristolboard...which unfortunately no longer exists....but...

Below you can watch  a video where I talk about this model:


Daniel Evans said...

That is beautiful.

Quick question, is there any update on the Weasel War?

Thank you,

DPetersen said...

Since becoming the full-time caregiver for my elderly Mother with Parkinson's, I've had to put Mouse Guard The Weasel War on hold for now. Working on something as complicated as Weasel War proved too difficult to juggle in-between my Mom's needs. I get short work intervals. I am able to do The Plotmasters Project, toned paper, & variant covers because they can be interrupted & resumed easier (and keep me working).

Once I'm able to resume on Weasel War, I will. Caretaking has proven to me the 'easy' job is drawing 1,000's of weasels at war with mice. Editors at BOOM!/Archaia understand the delay & have been nothing but supportive. And my fans are so-far no different.

J and K Carlin said...

Sorry to hear about your mom; Parkinson’s can be rough to deal with and caregiver fatigue is real. I am sure you won’t regret you current priorities later when you look back on this time in your life.

That all being said, your work is amazing and I am sure I’m not alone in hoping you can knock out a short story in the interim.

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