Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Recent Commissions

At conventions I do toned paper commissions. I wish I had the time to have these open year-round or for people who can't make it out to my convention appearances, but when I'm home, I have other work & obligations that prevent me from doing so. Here is a look at my most recent batch:


Fan's Mouse Guard RPG character

A Mousey Minerva McGonnagal

A Mouse & Fan's pet Hedgehog

Mouse and a Tiger

Mouse Archiologist

Celanawe with the Black Axe and a Shield

A Guardmouse

Mousey Galadriel 

Mouse Tailor

Tomoe Ame from Usagi Yojimbo

Rocket Raccoon

Another Rocket Raccoon

Batman with a Mouse on his cowl

Gordon Shumway aka A.L.F.

Metalhead from TMNT


A Mouse Barrister 

A Princess Cat

A Hobo Cat


A Mouse Cartographer




Raphael & a Mouse

A Porg

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