Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Mouse Guard Sketchbook: 'Legends'

The new Mouse Guard sketchbook entitled 'Legends' is out and now available in my online store! This 24 page color sketchbook includes my homages to twenty eight of the Legends of the Guard stories told by the talented artists & writers who spanned 3 volumes of the anthology series.

Moving forward with my Mouse Guard sketchbooks I'll be not releasing them based on a calendar year, but themed, like this one, whenever I have enough content to do so. (I already have my next theme in-mind) Below you can see some interior pages with my homages to Dustin Nguyen, Hannah Lavender, Mark Buckingham, & Terry Moore:

Homage to Dustin Nguyen's tale 'The Fallen'

Homage to Hannah Lavender's tale 'The Armor Maker'

Homage to Mark Buckingham's tale 'The Gossling & The Ghost"

Homage to Terry Moore's tale 'The Shrike & The Toad'

In a few past blogposts I've shown other pieces for 

Sean Rubin & Alex Kain
Eric Canete
Jemma Salume
Charles Paul Wilson III
& Alex Sheikman

click here to view those:


Jeremy Bastian
Guy Davis
Cory Godbey
Nate Pride
Christian Slade
Jackson Sze
Ramon Perez
& Ryan Lang

click here to view those:


Several of the original inked pieces are currently available in my online store: 

2019 Convention Appearances

Emerald City Comic Con March 14-17
Heroes Con June 14-16
San Diego Comic Con July 17-21
New York Comic Con October 3-6
Baltimore Comic Con October 18-20

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