Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Recent Commissions

At conventions I do toned paper commissions. Single figure bust/torso, on 9x12 toned paper, with ink, pencil, brown color pencil, and white gel pen for $250.

I thought I'd share a few of the recent pieces as examples I did from SDCC and GenCon:


A Guardmouse with a Sword


A Guardmouse with a sword

A ruffian gambler mouse

A Piper mouse

A Mouse with an elaborate dress

A Guardmouse with a flower


A Spartan mouse


Elliot from Pete's Dragon

A Mouse with the Burning Wheel Logo
(For Luke Crane)

A Bison character named 'Norchack'

A 17th Century French Mouse with a musket
(For Luke Crane as celebration of his new RPG: 'Miseries and Misfortunes')

2019 Appearances
New York Comic Con October 3-6
Baltimore Comic Con October 18-20
The Fantastic Workshop Nov. 13-18

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