Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Recent Commissions

Last I finished up the toned paper commissions from #ONLINECON. Normally I only do these 9x12 toned paper commissions at conventions, but with ECCC and other conventions being canceled, I opted to open a list for a short time in my online store and make commissions available to everyone. Here are the results of those (most of which I streamed on Twitch) as well as a few from C2E2.

A Guardmouse

Midnight with the Black Axe

A Norse Guardmouse

Mouse in a Kimono

Guardmouse with ink & quill to record surroundings

Marauder mouse
(based on CPWIII's Legends story)

Usagi Yojimbo

A Guardmouse with a firefly as a light

A Dracolitch

Guarmoyse with Mandalorian-inspired armor

TMNT: Michelangelo

Fox McCloud

'The Child'

A fan's original character:
a Pooka wearing Turkish Armor

A Mouse Puppeteer

The Boy Who Lived:
Harry Potter


Mouse with a Rolleiflex Camera

Artist Mouse

'Beckett' a Black Border Collie & Australian Shepherd

'Waffle' a royal kitty

Cedric a Guardmouse

Battleworn Raphael of the TMNT

Erwynn a Guardmouse

Guardmouse w/ Sword & Shield

TMNT: Donatello


Guardmouse: Cerise

Matriarch: Siobhan 

Guardmouse w/ Furr Cloak

Guardmouse: Lieam

Flower Mouse

TMNT: Leonardo

A Gentleman Cat named Max

TMNT: Raphael

TMNT: Michelangelo 

Dark Crystal: Garthim

PLANNED 2020 Appearances
Heroes Con: June 19-21 ??
San Diego Comic Con: July 22-26 ??
New York Comic Con: October 8-11 ??
Baltimore Comic Con: Oct 23-25 ??

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