Tuesday, March 2, 2021

ONLINECON: March 2021!

ONLINECON is BACK! A free online event with 20 guests, an online store sale, and much more...

March 24-28 I'll be running a special event on my Twitch Stream (twitch.tv/davidpetersen). Over the course of those 5 days I'll be streaming 8 hours per day, spending half the time drawing commissions, and the other half with guests for panels, interviews, and programming! I'l also be running a sale in my online store and adding new original artwork and merchandise to the store.

To the left you can see the promo for the event and I'll go into more details below!

I'm proud of the guest list we've been able to assemble for this event. I'll be drawing on the even

numbered hours, but on the odd numbered hours of ONLINECON features a panel or presentation by one of our guests. Joining me will be: Stan Sakai, Angela DiTerlizzi, Jesse Glenn, Serena Malyon, Donato Giancola, Tracy Butler, Norman Chan, Meredith Salenger, Karl Kerschl, Jenny Robb, Armand Baltazar, Kevin McTurk, Very Handsome Billy, Noel Macneal, Steve Hamaker, Alex Kain, Erin Godbey, Sanford Greene, and Gene Ha!

Below you can check out the full schedule of dates/times for each guest and a description of what we'll be covering with them:

But in addition to guests, there will be several new items going into my Online Store during ONLINECON as well as a storewide sale:

New 11" x 11" Signed & Numbered Limited Print 'Yarrow'

New 2021 Signed & Numbered Bookplate

New 'SERVICE' 8" x 8" Mouse Guard print

Tea Stained 9" x 12" 'Mortimer' Print

Signed Mouse Guard books with a mouse head doodle

Black Axe Black & White edition with a brush-pen sketch 

New Grey Mouse Guard Tee Shirt 
'Mouse must not kill mouse'

New Original inked artwork

Toned Commissions
These are single figure torso commissions with limited backgrounds on toned paper. 
(I'll be opening a list through the online store March 23rd)

Looking forward to seeing you at ONLINECON!


K.F. Wright said...

Looking forward to this! You have a great lineup.

toyotageek said...

Eager for this to happen. Hopefully I'll be able to make time to watch some of it live.

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