Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Recent Toned Commissions

 I've finished all my recent toned paper commissions for the end of the year:


Michalangelo of the TMNT

Sir Quimp from The Middle Age

Ben Grimm: The Thing

Goldie the Gargoyle

Usagi Yojimbo

Wonder Woman

Leonardo of the TMNT

A Lantern Mouse

Usagi Yojimbo eating a rice ball

A Mouse in snake themed armor

A Mouse Botanist

A Bookish Mouse

Ragnier the Hunter

Calvin & Hobbes

Princess Mononoke

A Mouse Thief


Boris the Bear

Grey Hulk: Mr. Fix-It

A Guardmouse

Deathwing: A Dragon

A Wise old Degu

A Princess Kitty

The Rocketeer

A Cat Adventurer

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