Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Grandparent Mice

Before Mouse Guard was a comic, when I was still in college, I made some mouse-versions of my Paternal Grandparents as Christmas gifts. I remember sculpting them in my workspace in my Dad's basement when home from school on Christmas break. These were made with Sculpey, an oven baked polimer clay. The eyes are bicycle ball bearings.

Unfortunately, these did not stand the test of time and I'd repaired them so many times with super glue and epoxy that they were a mess and still crumbling apart. I took a few photos of them before they fell to ruin.

My Grandmother was the prototypical grandmother, she was kind, loving, and a consummate cook & baker. 

As fans of Mouse Guard know, I based the very idea of having the Guard run by a Matriarch on my Grandmother's role in our family. More recently, I've made her part of the Mouse Guard with a Matriarch named Dorys who is depicted in the stained glass of the Matriarch Chamber as well as a piece in the 2024 Callendar: https://davidpetersen.blogspot.com/2023/09/dorys-matriarch-cook.html

I sculpted the head for this mouse separately, and then later sculpted a body/dress––which is pretty out of proportion or capable of containing legs, and then attached them with a dowel. She's wearing oven mitts and presenting one of her famous pies.

My Grandfather fashioned himself a bit of a cowboy––and for good reason, he did have a natural way with horses. Though most of his life was lived in the city of Flint, he grew up on farms. In their senior years my grandparents wintered in Arizona, where my grandfather would drive a team of horses in the Tucson Rodeo Parade.

He wore a lot of Western style shirts and belts, so his mouse has cowboy boots and a neckerchief bandanna while riding a hobby horse. 

His mouse was the more crumbly of the two sculptures and lost most of an ear to dust before the end.

Gilbert & Doris Petersen on Lake Michigan


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