Tuesday, June 4, 2024

HEROES CON 2024 paintings

For my return to Heroes Con next weekend, I've painted two 16" x 20" pieces in watercolor and color pencil. One of them will be put into the Saturday art auction at the convention. The other will be available at my table the next day with a price set from the winning bid of Saturday's auction.

I have not decided which will be in the auction––I think I'll decide when I arrive in Charlotte.

I wanted the paintings to work together as a pair (so if the winning bidder wants the other painting they can come buy it from me) but where each piece would work as a stand alone piece if they went to different buyers. I opted this year to do facing mirrored portraits of Celanawe and Midnight each with the Black Axe.

I did quick color blocking to help me see the forms but also to plan my colors and value ranges when doing the paintings

The pencil drawings were printed out (over 4 sheets of paper that needed to be patchwork taped together––with the help of a grid to get the alignment right) with graphite paper then placed between the printout and the illustration board.

By tracing over the printout drawing with a ballpoint pen, the pressure transfers the image onto the illustration board. This was done for both pieces 

I set up my two paintings and my watercolor trays (old Windsor Newton Cotman tubes that have mostly dried up and I use like dry cakes) on a TV tray and my desk with a large glass of water. It's nice to have two paintings going at once, so that you can swap between them when one is too wet to work and needs some drying time.

I painted the Mouse Guard portraits on my Twitch stream at the end of May.

Instead of now showing a great deal of photos tracking the progress/process of the paintings, I've put them all together in a YouTube video that you can watch below

Watch directly on YouTube:

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