Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mouse Guard #6 In stores today!
The conclusion of Winter 1152 is available at your local comic shop today! In addition to wrapping the story, it includes the 2nd Mouse Guard Ballad (download will be available later this summer) as well as a pinup from Jane Irwin.

Original Artwork:
Pages: As usual, the original artwork for the issue is available now that the issue has been released. You can find available pages listed at the for sale section of the site. or just click here

Cover #6: This time I'm handling the cover differently. With past issues, I get inquires about the cover long before the issue is out and I'm having to tell people to wait and then offer it to the first person to e-mail me the day the issue hits stores. This time, I figured I'd put it on ebay and let that be the method of sorting out who gets it. The auction is located here.

Also in stores today:
Muppet Robin Hood #1 & Cursed Pirate Girl #1
In addition to doing a piece of work for each of these books (a cover and a pinup) I am a fan of each of the properties and really believe in them. So if you like Muppets and/or Nautical Faerie Tales, pick up these books!

Ink and Stein:
Reminder that this Saturday (5/30) is the first Ink and Stein gathering at Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti, MI. Ink and Stein is a social gathering for artists to work and share their ideas, techniques, and camaraderie with other artists in the area. We will meet at 7pm. If you are an artists and want to participate, bring your paper and pencil and we will see you there!

I know I hinted a while ago about an upcoming contest that could make some hard to find items available as prizes. I have not forgotten...I just had to straighten out the terms of the contest. I had something very elaborate planned, but in better judgement have scaled back the entry requirement/commitment. I'll post more about it in the next month or so.


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

My girlfriend and i really enjoyed the convention in Detroit, and i was wondering if this new contest your having will include fans outside the United States? I was also wondering if you doing any new pinups in other books? Btw issue #6 of winter was incredible!!!!

Toronto Fan

Brandon said...

I didn't have the chance to pickup #6 yesterday, but will be getting it this weekend. The artwork from issue #6 looks incredible, definitely some of the best Mouse Guard art yet! So many amazing pages to choose from to own an original piece of Mouse Guard art, but no money! Now that Winter 1152 is finished, and the hardcover is on the way, are there any plans for a black and white edition?

dark turtle said...

I can't wait to read the conclusion. Great job, David!

deadlytoque said...

With winter done, any guesses how long before the trades hit?

DPetersen said...

Toronto Fan: Glad you enjoyed the show in Detroit! To answer your Q, yes, the contest will be open to anyone. I don't have any pinups coming up other than the covers for Boom (Mr. Stuffins, Muppet Robin Hood, and Muppet Peter Pan)

Brandon: I have talked with Archaia about a B&W version of Winter. We are watching the Fall B&W sales as part of the decision process. The other main stumbling block is the number of costly hand-inserted overlay pages is tripled in Winter.

The hardcover collection is due in July.

Rachel / Alex said...

Glad to hear it's out and about! I'm sure the wait will be worth it. I'll have to head to the local comic spot this weekend and see how you wrapped the whole thing up!

TJIC from HeavyInk said...

Today was a great comics shipping day - I got Crossed, Mouse Guard, Ignition City, and several others.

(Since I work at a comic book store, the shippers walk these over to me just as soon as the Diamond boxes are delivered).

Now, here's the kicker - I was diligent and kept working ... and then I forgot to take Mouse Guard home with me!.


I'm seriously tempted to drive back to work to get it...

Ilia said...

Hi David

Sigh eBay, I remember the good old days...

I will be picking up Winter 6 this weekend, and rereading all 6 issues. Cursed Pirate Girl will be a must as well, glad to see it finally printed.

Regarding the limited hardcover:
a. 1000 copies was a lot (see how many are on ebay)
b. It was not signed
c. The overlays were nice, but I thought to thick or not adequately translucent. I didn't think they worked.
d. The covers were nice to see blown up 2x the normal size
e. Black is hard color to keep from scuffing on the slipcase.

Congrats on finishing up the 2nd series. I think the writing in the last 3 issues was far more polished then anything you have done. The art just keeps improving.

Cover 4 by far the best from both series.

Congrats and I look forward to seeing you in Baltimore.

Mayhem said...

See how many b&w limiteds on eBay? I just checked, I spot two. I assume there have been a fair few in the past then. Thankfully I got mine from a supplier in the UK.

Looking forward to the Winter h/c, roll on July and San Diego :)

S.M.Vidaurri said...

I'm excited to go out and grab the new issue, this has been a great run of books

Anonymous said...

Is the Mouse Guard board game still being made?

Anonymous said...

The cover you've done for Muppet Peter Pan is all over the internet so you should post it on your blog :)

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