Saturday, May 9, 2009

Winter is done!

I have finished (a few days ago really) the Winter 1152 Hardcover extras (map, location guides, trades, pageantry, epilogue, etc.) I'm really happy with this book. Not to take anything away from Fall 1152, but I feel that many of the personal goals and improvements I wanted to make happened in Winter. It's frustrating to be done and not be able to instantly get the reader feedback, but I'll just have to be patient and wait like the rest of you. The release is set for July of this year...and don't forget to grab issue #6 on the stands later this month if you can't wait.

Snowy Valentine's Day:
Before I start the next Mouse Guard Arc, I have a few other projects I need to tackle. The first is the Children's book I'm doing for Harper Collins called Snowy Valentine's Day. The Dummy sketches were approved so I am doing final pencils and inks on the lightbox over printouts of my sketches/roughs. For some reason, inking this book seems to be more nerve-racking than an issue of Mouse Guard. The artwork is all due this month and I'm far away from getting finals to cross your fingers for me.

Recent work:
With the heavy deadlines of both Issue #6 of Winter and the Hardcover extras, I had to let these slide longer than I'd prefer to. Hope you enjoy.

Motor City Convention:
I'll be spending next weekend at the Motor City convention sitting between my friends Jeremy Bastian and Katie Cook (sorry I don't have table numbers yet..I don't get those 'till Friday) Julia and I offered to take 1 niece to a different convention until all three have been. Middle niece Kate is up first at this show, so I look forward to introducing her to this part of Uncle David's job.

As normal, I'll be signing, meeting fans and enjoying the show. Stop by and say hello!

Fan Art:
Action figure modifier Walter Harris sent me a link to poseable Mouse Guard action figure customs he made. The base figures are Ewoks and he details how he made them at his site
More Photos are also located there.

Thanks Walter!

Next time I'll do a post on model building construction


Anonymous said...

Awesome I can't wait for issue 6 and the hardcover! Are you doing an extra extra stuff for the paperback version like with fall? Will the new arc still be Black Axe?

On the subject of nieces I'll be buying your children's book for them. I hope your niece enjoys the con and it all goes smoothly.

TwiceBorn said...

I actually haven't read any of Winter yet because I want to wait and get the full experience from beginning to end with the hardback collection. I won't do that with the black axe arc though, waiting is just too hard. I love the extras, can't wait.

Mayhem said...

July for the Winter h/c? Does this mean you might have some @ San Diego to buy David? :)

Jake said...

David is there any way to get on your commission list if you can't make it to a convention?

DPetersen said...

@Anonymous: I don't know that there will be a softcover edition of Winter.

@Mayhem: That is the plan!

@Jake: Sorry. I only take comissions at shows. The rationale is that when I'm home, I need to be working on books. When I'm at shows, I can't so I can do comissions.

Christian Schmidt said...

David I got to meet you at the Motor City Comic Con on sunday and it was a pleasure. When I got home I read Fall and Winter and now I am hooked. Went to my local comic shop and have Winter #6 and the hardcover for winter on hold. So job well done I am hooked.

Now I wonder does The Black Axe live.....
Or does the owl clame another mouse..... Come on #6 get here

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