Friday, July 10, 2009

SDCC Info dump *UPDATE*

San Diego Comic Con '09:
I'll be spending most of my time in Artist's Alley AA03. I'll also be signing at the Archaia Booth 2635 once per day. Check the Archaia booth for a schedule of my signing times as well as the signing times of other Archaia creators.

2 new products available for the first time at SDCC:

Winter 1152 Hardcover. 192 pages collecting the 6 issues of the comic series plus an epilogue, and guide pages. Foreword by Dinotopia creator James Gurney. (these will be available at the Archaia booth*)

*Also available: Fall 1152, and the Mouse Guard RPG at the Archaia booth

I'll be involved in 4 panels this year (possibly 5, but here are the 4 confirmed):
It will be 5:

Friday July 24th: 11:30-12:30 Comics Arts Conference Session #6: Can College Prepare Creators for Comics Careers?
Ben Templesmith, Stephan Pastis, Hope Larson, David Petersen, Nick Langly, Mark Head

Friday July 24th: 1:00-2:00 Archaia/The Jim Henson Company: The Perfect Publishing Partnership— Learn about the fantasy titles the publisher has in store, including a new Mouse Guard volume (with creator David Petersen), Artesia (with creator Mark Smylie), Okko, and Primordia. Then find out more about the partnership The Jim Henson Company and Archaia have formed to create comics and graphic novels based on such beloved properties as Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, MirrorMask, and Fraggle Rock, as well as all-new, original concepts! Hear more about this venture with Henson's director of publishing and development Joe LeFavi, Archaia's director of development Stephen Christy, and a few surprise guests as creative teams are announced and publishing plans are discussed. All attendees will receive a free Archaia/Henson poster featuring a new piece of art! Room 4

Saturday July 25th 5:00-6:00 Graphic Novels Sense of History
Rick Geary, Stan Sakai, Chris Schweizer, Eric Shanower, & David Petersen

Sunday, July 26th 11:30-12:30 Spotlight on David Petersen.
David Petersen will talk about his Eisner Award winning series Mouse Guard, how it came to be, the process that makes it happen, and what the future holds for his mice. Discussion will be moderated by Nick Tapalansky. audience Q&A will follow the moderated discussion.
*There will be an exclusive given away at the panel.*

Sunday, July 26th 1:30-2:30
Comic and Graphic Novels for all Ages
Jimmy Gownley, Kazu Kibuishi, Chris Schweizer, Jeff Smith, David Petersen, & Lex Farjado

Regarding sketches etc:

Sketches: I plan on doing free quick mouse doodles in any Mouse Guard hardcover (either purchased at the show or brought from home.).

I value the time at shows to talk to fans, answer questions, sign books, take photos etc. I’ll prioritize interacting with fans before anything,

This should answer any SDCC Q’s…but feel free to post other Q’s as comments and I’ll try to answer them ASAP.


Tim Bolton said...

Hope SDCC goes brilliantly for you David. Wish I could go, but otherwise preoccupied. Maybe 2010!

Brandon said...

Hope you have an awesome time at SDCC! One of these years I'm really going to have to come. All these amazing comic creators such as yourself, not to mention all the film and TV stuff.

Anonymous said...

You have to be taking part in this!

Unknown said...

We have a panel together, so I know I'll see you at Comic-Con. Looking forward to it.

DPetersen said...

Anonymous: Nope. I wasn't asked to. However my pal Katie Cook is! She did the fuzzy Wampa.

Stan: I'm really looking forward to seeing you and to the panel!

Anonymous said...

David, are you bringing those cool Mouse Guard posters to SDCC (the ones I see on ebay with like 100 mice on them)? If so, what do they cost? Hope you have a great con!

Mayhem said...

Posters are $10 each. There's the multi mouse poster, and David might have the RPG promo poster available too. And I agree, the "scalping" on eBay is terrible for them, which is why I bought mine direct from David.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the info. and yes the scalpers do rot on ebay as they are the ones to benefit and not the artists.

Anonymous said...

Just got my Mouse Guard Winter TPB!!! Is the cover for sale???

Toronto Fan

Unknown said...

Completely unrelated, but just had a thought . . . A Mouse Guard iGoogle theme would be awesome. Please, please :)

btw, love the Fall Hardcover and the RPG. Looking forward to "Winter".

Anonymous said...

Dear Julia Petersen,

I know that David gets all the credit for Mouse Guard but I hope the fans realize how hard working you are and how much you help David!! I just want to say Thank You for everything!!!


mschmidt said...

Will you be accepting commissions at WW Chicago as well, David? Same rules as SDCC, hopefully?

Jackson Sze said...

Hi David,

It was really nice meeting you at the con. Please keep in touch.

And sorry about the mouse city painting.. didn't mean to mislead you!


Mayhem said...

@mschmidt - David got so super crazy busy at San Diego from all the attention at the booth and doing the panels etc, that he didn't have time to do any of the taken commissions! I guess you'll have to wait and see if he will take any at Chicago as a result...

DPetersen said...

I do plan to take comissions at Chicago..though the rules might change a bit....stay tuned

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