Friday, July 3, 2009

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Due to a fire that has disrupted power to one of our data centers, some customer services are currently offline. This outage impacts some web hosting customers and VPS customers as well as email services. Power is being restored in the data center and we are currently working to restore connectivity and systems to bring services back online. There is currently no ETA. All available resources at the data center are working to restore services
*Edit 7-4* Looks like it's back up and everything is A-OK*

Recent work:

*EDIT* FIXED link to image!!!!*

Upcoming Appearances:
Mouse Guard Live Readings in the Michigan Area: TBA


JAKE said...

I know you have gone over this before with me David, but can I commission a piece that you do at SDCC, and just have a friend pick it up? I will understand if that won't work. I just can't make it this year I'm deployed :(

Brandon said...

LOVE seeing the commission sketches, as always! But usually the thumbnail links to an image that's at least a bit bigger so we can have a good look at them... can you do that again?

DPetersen said...

JAKE: SDCC info coming soon...(on this blog)

Brandon: I don't know why Blogger wasn't making a full sized jpg available, but I have fixed it now.

Brandon said...

Weird, still doesn't seem to be working. Chrome just has a regular pointer, Internet Explorer has a hand icon but it doesn't do anything when you click on it. Don't have Firefox on this particular machine at work.

Anonymous said...

Dear David

I was wondering if your going to make prints of abominable Charles Christopher to your fans??? I was on the site and its an awesome piece that you did!!!

Shannon Weathers said...


The commissions look awesome-particularly mine, the Black Axe Adam Mouse riding the Hoppy hare. Thanks for doing such a great job. Will you be shipping it soon?

Brandon said...

Awesome!! I love the one of the mice on the rocks. I would love to see a Mouse Guard story that takes place out at sea! Maybe a treasure hunt type story! That would be a sweet story for an annual.

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