Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day late and a dollar short...
Sorry about the day-delay in getting this post up. I'm also sorry that it's not a very content-filled post, but a preview of something I'm hoping to be able to share with Mouse Guard fans soon:

2011 Appearances
C2E2: March 18-20
Phoenix Comic Con: May 26-29
Cherry Capital Con: June 25-26
San Diego Comic Con: July 20-24
Baltimore Comic Con: Aug. 20-21
New York Comic Con: Oct. 14-16


Jesse Hutchinson said...

Too bad you won't be making it to the Emerald City Comicon!

DPetersen said...

Jesse: I am really disapointed that I won't be there this year. I had planed on it, but due to a mix up, I couldn't.

CraftyAndy said...

I must have it.
Hey since your a fellow local to michigan ever thought of setting up a table in April at FurryConnectionNorth in Novi you would do well at a cartoon art convention like that I'm sure, quite a bit of people I know are fans and it's still a month away from comic con, which I'm wondering did they burn you too on registration when they canceled in November last year?

Max West said...

That's a cool paper figure. I had to take a closer look - at first I thought it was Lego.

Hmm...I wonder how a MouseGuard set and figures would look if Lego made them.

sandalscout AKA Matthew said...

Any more word on this? VERY cool looking!

DPetersen said...

I don't know when I'll have the paper craft ready for download...but sooner rather than later is my hope

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