Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife:


Joshua said...

Congratulations! Today happens to be my 8th anniversary as well (10/25). My wife and I have had a happy marriage and just found out today that she's pregnant with our 2nd child. What a great anniversary present. :) I hope your day is great also and wish you and your wife the best.

Your comics are great and I really hope you end up collecting those Free Comic Book Day Mouse Guard specials so I can put them on my bookshelf next to the main volumes.

- Joshua Strasburg

Mayhem said...

Awww... lovely card there David :)

kleeks said...

It is our anniversary as well. What a lovely and romantic sentiment!!! I hope you don't mind if I use an adaptive version of what you wrote? I'll reference you. I'll be using my little dog creatures as a cover. I have all your books. I just found your site today. Looking forward to viewing your "world building" video. Thanks so much for sharing.

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