Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recent Commissions:
7" x 7" commissions for fans (I only take requests for these at conventions, sorry, no email orders.) I colored a few for upcoming sketchbooks:

Upcoming Appearances:
New York Comic Con: Oct. 13-16
London Super Con: Feb 25-26
Emerald City: March 30-April 1
Boston Comic Con: April 21-22


Marmidotte said...

Oh my! The 4th Doctor Mouse is wonderful! Too bad I cannot come to conventions :-/

TwiceBorn said...

Cool, who is Thane?

Anonymous said...

Can you remind us what the price for a commission is, and how many of them a day you accept during a convention?

Anonymous said...

TwiceBorn -- I don't know, and I am the bearer of that commission! I'm guessing my request came close to something/someone already in the works for an upcoming story? My daughter will tell you there can never be enough Sadie stories.

--Holding a beer in San Diego

Caitriona said...

Oooo, the 4th Doctor Mouse is delightful! And I also like library mouse. I enjoy this art so much, partly because I keep "pocket pets".

Anonymous said...

I love your Cantus, he was always my favorite fraggle.

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