Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Digital Sketchbook Collection 2004-2015

As the final blogpost of 2015, the 10 year anniversary of Mouse Guard being published, I decided to collect all ELEVEN of my convention sketchbooks into a single digital collection. You can see the new cover art I did for the collection to the left (my mousey take on St. George & the Dragon)

The digital sketchbook collection is available for purchase through my online store: http://mouseguard.bigcartel.com/product/mouse-guard-digital-sketchbook-collection-2004-2015

I know the past printed sketchbooks have been difficult to come by for fans who missed out on earlier years. In fact, the first Mouse Guard sketchbook (2004) was printed on my home printer and only about 4 copies were made. The following two were black and white, and from 2008 to present, they have all been in color. The digital collection has all the major material found in these 11 sketchbooks (with the exception of preliminary pencil sketches in the 2007 sketchbook which have since been reprinted in the Art of Mouse Guard hardcover).

288 pages of commissions, Free Comic Book Day covers & promotions, odd pieces I did as gifts and more populate this decade+ bundle of work. Each year is delineated with a decorative border on the outer page to keep track of where in chronology the pieces fall. To the left is a sampling of one page per year of what is included in the sketchbook collection

In addition to all of that material, I also went back through my folders and found 30 pieces that for one reason or another, didn't make it into various years' sketchbooks. I have colored many of these pieces as well (in the years where the sketchbooks were in color). You can see three sample of these below: Marx Bros. Mice, Lord of the Rings Mice, and Oregon Trail Mice:

Again, to purchase the digital pdf Mouse Guard Sketchbook Collection, visit my online store:

2016 appearance dates coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Will this be permanently available? I have loved Mouse Guard from day one and have collected everything out to this point, including the gorgeous "art of" book. With the holiday season and some normal life needs I cannot afford this now but the moment I can this will be ordered.
Thank you for making this available and for creating Mouse Guard in general. Hopefully someday soon thus will be in my digital bookshelf as well!

DPetersen said...

My plan is to leave the sketchbook collection up for a long time. I can't say "permanently" but a long time.

Eric Koppen said...

Are we allowed to print this out if we only print out a single copy? I love that you are releasing all of the old sketchbook material in a large bundle like this. I just love looking through art like this in a physical book. The tactile feeling of flipping through the pages adds a lot, especially a book of art (I have been loving the Art of the Mouse Guard!). I am considering picking this up and would love to print it out into a hardcover so that I could have a physical copy to admire the artwork.

Thank you!

Eric Koppen said...

I understand that printing is not an option. Still stunning artwork through out! Having blast looking through it. Feel free to delete this comment and my comment above. Thank you again for your amazing work on Mouse Guard!

StevenHWicker said...

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