Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Swords & Strongholds Videos

With the Mouse Guard board game Swords & Strongholds now available to everyone, I wanted to publish a blogpost with all the information for the game in one place.

This is a two player game of mouse strategy from the pages of Mouse Guard. It takes 15-30 minutes to play and comes with a wooden game board, 8 mouse pawns, a deck of 30 cards, and a rule sheet. (at the bottom of this post you can find ordering info)

Luke Crane & I (with the help of the guys from the Geek Nights podcast) made 3 videos to show how to play, answer questions and show and example of a full game played:

Game Rules & How To Play

Common Questions: FAQ & Clarifications

Play Example: Luke vs David

Purchasing info:
Swords & Strongholds is $30 and available for direct purchase here:

The game is also distributed through Diamond and Alliance, so your local comic or game shop can order copies to stock their shelves with.

2016 Appearance Dates coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I want to order the game, to be shipped to Mexico, but Mexican Customs will not allow me to import anything with wood. Is it possible to order the game but leave out the game board? I could make my own game board here at my house. I really want to order the game, for my birthday, but unless the seller can take out the game board, I won't be allowed to order it. "SAD!" (Sarcasm about a certain president that needs to be impeached.) ~Abigail in Mexico

Anonymous said...

Update from Abigail in Mexico~~~I just found the seller's website, The Burning Wheel, and I left the question on their comments page. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon!

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