Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mouse Guard Enamel Pins & Watch

BOOM!/Archaia and I released two new types of merchandise last year at some conventions: Mouse Guard Enamel Pins & a Mouse Guard watch!

Pins were something fans had been asking for, and the watch was a suggestion of Jose Meza over at BOOM! And now, you don't have to be at a convention to purchase these ways to show your Mouse Guard fandom

Currently there are four character portrait pins (Kenzie, Saxon, Lieam, & Sadie). To the right you can see my original inked drawings with the pantone colors added in and with scale reference for each pin.

Below is a better look at each character's actual pin. Each pin is $9.99 and you can order these pins online from: https://shop.boom-studios.com/merchandise

For the new Mouse Guard watch, I designed a completely new image for the face featuring fan-favorite Lieam. This watch has a stainless steel backplate with gunmetal case and a leather strap.
It sells for $75 and can be purchased online through the BOOM! online store:


2018 Appearances to be announced soon...


Mel said...

Any news when they’ll have these in stock? I ordered them back on December 1st and I’m still waiting. But they look great in the photos.

josh.gaudreau said...

Love those pins, especially the Black Axe one, but shipping to Canada is killer :(

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