Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Plotmasters Project

"Two artists, David Petersen and Jesse Glenn, went digging through stacks of old original drawings and story ideas from twenty plus years ago with the thought, "What would these characters be like if we were working on this project today?"

And that is the premise of our video podcast series "THE PLOTMASTERS PROJECT"

Below we have the first half of season one available to watch here or on YouTube.


Three accidentally evolved anthropomorphic cats and their raccoon adoptive brother-mentor survive without being seen by society in our 1991 homage to everything we loved about the old TMNT comics.

Updated versions (L: Petersen, R: Glenn)



Jesse's strong solo spy assassin with unchecked occult demon magic is his anti-hero stand-alone character featured in this episode.

Updated versions (L: Glenn, R: Petersen)


David's rooftop vigilante high-school comic book later ego with karmic powers of luck, after all, you don't want a black cat to cross your path...

Updated versions (L: Petersen, R: Glenn)


Our desire to do a colorful team with mythic mounts that joins together to form something more powerful than themselves in homage to shows like Voltron & Power Rangers is the subject of this episode where we focus on the human characters,

Updated versions (L: Glenn, R: Petersen)


Our Voltron-Power Ranger homage wouldn't be complete if the heroes from the previous episode didn't have their larger-than-life legendary beasts to ride, and so the namesakes of the project, the Dragons themselves are featured in this part 2 episode.

Updated versions (Above: Petersen, Below: Glenn)


We are taking a mid-season Hiatus to get ahead on the rest of Season one. Here is our announcement and promo about it as well as teasers for the rest of season 1:


Here is our panel from the Baltimore Comic Con where we go over revision types while looking at 10 different Plotmaster concepts:

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