Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Bricks of the Mouse Guard KICKSTARTER

Back in 2015, to celebrate Mouse Guard's 10th anniversary, The Seattle ArchLUG group put on an amazing Mouse Guard LEGO display at Emerald City Comic Con. To have mini-figures for the installation, BOOM! and I licensed Mouse Guard to Guy Himber of Crazy Bricks to manufacture LEGO-Mini-Fig-compatible mouse heads and specialty Mouse Guard accessories.

And in 2020, Guy is Kickstarting another round so that fans of Mouse Guard can not only get the original 7 custom mini-figures--but now five new figures as well!

The original seven characters were Kenzie, Sadie, Saxon, Conrad, Lieam, Celanawe, and The Matriarch Gwendolyn.

The heads are injection molded ABS plastic color matched to LEGO bodies and then paired with custom accessories and cloaks so you can build in brick you favorite scenes from the Mouse Guard books, your own RPG sessions, or just from your imagination.

But now, Guy has also made new parts and accessories to extent to Midnight, Members of his Army,  Disguised Lieam, Bastian, Delvin, & Calla's Ghost:


If you are interested in getting a copy of the photo book published of the installation, 'Mouse Guard: The Art of Bricks' is available *SIGNED* in my online store:


See sample pages below:

2020 Appearances

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