Friday, June 12, 2009

Contest Rules:
Paste the questions & answers into an e-mail and submit them to ericebon (at)
The answers should all be available in the Fall Hardcover, the Winter issues, the RPG, this blog and or various online interviews. The contest will be open for 1 week. Entries must be recieved by 6-19 at 12:01 AM (EST).
Correct answers will take priority over speed, but speed may be used in the event of a tie.
Only one entry per person. Winners will be announced on this blog between 6-22 & 6-27

First place: 2 six foot long Mouse Guard banners (my former convention banners) AND an original piece of Artwork.

Second Place: A set of the convention sketchbooks (one with an original sketch on the inside front cover) AND a signed Winter #1

Third Place: A 2008 sketchbook AND a signed Winter #1

5 Runner-ups will recieve: A Mouse Guard poster and buttons.

main cloak color:


Name Meanings:

Who was the 4th matriarch of the Guard?
Based on the RPG, what is Kenzie’s birth year?
When did Lieam join the Guard?

Real life counterparts:
Who is the character Saxon based on?
Who is the character Lieam based on?
Who is the character Kenzie based on?

General Q's:
Has Rand ever killed a Snake?
How many different swords have we seen Lieam use?
What does the inscription read on the compass lid of Loukas’ sword?
What was Landra’s job prior to taking over for Rand?
What is the motto above the door in Gwendolyn’s office?
What did the mice use to mark the grave of the grain merchant?
What type of bed does Celanawe use?
How many of Midnight’s army were left outside the gates of Lockhaven?
In the game Saxon and Kenzie play in the Casks, which mouse is apparently winning?
What poison was found in Rand’s leg bandage?
What inscription is over the door in Lockhaven’s Cookery?
What baked good is Lockhaven known for?

What city is the Easternmost on the Mouse Territories map?
What three cities are listed as having fallen on the map?
What city is mentioned in the story, but not shown on the map?
Where was Sadie stationed prior to the Fall of 1152?

Hidden Gems:
What series & issue shows a mousey Han & Luke?
What is hidden amongst the bones on the cover of Winter #4?

When (year) do I date the first Mouse Guard drawings?
What was the company I used to publish the first black and white issue of Mouse Guard?
To whom is Fall 1152 in loving memory of?
List the pinup artists in order:


Brandon said...

Trivia is awesome! I haven't participated in a good trivia contest for a while! Was your original idea also trivia, but more questions? ("I had something very elaborate planned, but in better judgement have scaled back the entry requirement/commitment.") If so, it would be fun to see the original list of questions, or maybe you're saving them for a rainy day :)

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

I just finished your contest and I loved every minute of it!!! It was so much fun to go back and read 1152 and the RPG and Winter 1152. I hope that I got most of the answers right but anyways I just wanted to tell you that I had a lot of fun with the Mouse Guard Quiz!!!

Chase Layman said...

I rocked out those questions...praying for the big the comics

Sareidia said...

Are the answers going to be posted after the deadline? I'm really anxious to know how I did.

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