Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trivia Winners:

1st place: Bo Harris

2nd place: Morgen Dukes

3rd place: John Brown

Runner Ups: Bree Smith, Geoffery Wong, Sharon Wong, Brandon Klassen, & Nick Nemphos.
(Winners, please e-mail me shipping addresses to get your prizes off to you.)

Thanks to everyone who entered! I had to be VERY strict on the judging and enforce some spelling penalties (especially with the spelling of MY name). There were a few Questions that I want to make not of and a marked with *'s in the key below:
Answer Key:

Kenzie : Blue
Saxon :
Rand : Yellow
Lieam : Green
Sadie : Purple
Gwendolyn : Silver
Midnight :
Sienna : Orange
Name Meanings:
Rand: Shield

who was the 4th matriarch of the Guard:
based on the RPG, what is Kenzie’s birth year? 1121
When did Lieam join the Guard? Winter 1149*

Real life counterparts:
Who is the character Saxon based on? David (Petersen)
Who is the character Lieam based on? Emerson (Jones)
Who is the character Kenzie based on? Jesse (Glenn)

Has Rand ever killed a Snake?
How many different swords have we seen Lieam use? 3
What does the inscription read on the compass lid of Loukas’ sword?
Wander where you will the grove of oaks stands no taller than your bravery
What was Landra’s job prior to taking over for Rand? Quartermaster
What is the motto above the door in Gwendolyn’s office?
It matters not what you fight but what you fight for
What did the mice use to mark the grave of the grain merchant?
A piece of his hat
What type of bed does Celanawe use?
How many of Midnight’s army were left outside the gates of Lockhaven?
In the game Saxon and Kenzie play in the Casks, which mouse is apparently winning?
What poison was found in Rand’s leg bandage?
What inscription is over the door in Lockhaven’s Cookery?
Only what ye need and not a morsel more
What baked good is Lockhaven known for?

What city is the Easternmost on the Mouse Territories map? Wolfepointe
What three cities are listed as having fallen on the map?
Woodruff’s Grove, Ferndale. & Walnutpeck **
What city is mentioned in the story, but not shown on the map?
Windselm ***
Where was Sadie stationed prior to the Fall of 1152?
Hidden Gems:
What series & issue shows a mousey Han & Luke?
Fall 1152, Issue #3 (pg 10)
What is hidden amongst the bones on the cover of Winter #4? Millenium Falcon

When (year) do I date the first Mouse Guard drawings? 1996
What was the company I used to publish the first black and white issue of Mouse Guard: Comixpress
To whom is Fall 1152 in loving memory of? Gilbert and Doris Petersen
List the pinup artists in order:
Guy Davis, Rick Cortes, Mark Smylie, Jeremy Bastian, Geof Darrow, Stan Sakai, Craig Rousseau, Nate Pride, Jane Irwin.

*Several places I refer to Lieam having joined the Guard in the Winter War of 1149, however, I found that the RPG has a misprint that says he joined 2 years ago...taking into consideration that the RPG is set up in the same time as the comics thus far (1152), the match comes out to be 1150, which I also accepted.

**The city names were the biggest trip-up for the entries. More people got this wrong than any other, and it came down to spelling. I felt bad at first that the map's text, which is handwritten, was hard to read with the strikethrough, but I found that the cities are listed in the printed text of the RPG and 2 of the cities are printed in dialogue in Winter #1.

***Another one I didn't expect to get more than 1 answer to consider correct. Glen Stone was submitted and I had to accept it. While I hadn't ever done much with it other than place it in the song lyrics (not even having decided if it were real or fictional), the reality is that it was mentioned and is therefore also correct.


Chase Layman said...

dang...I was sure that I wouldve won.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooooooo upset at myself for not getting the correct answers!!! I'm so upset I might not pick up a mouse guard book for awhile!!!! It would remind me of how badly I did in this contest!!! Goodbye Mouse Guard:(

Bo said...

Congratulations to the winners! That was a tough trivia quiz. Thanks David.

Brandon said...

Dang! Congrats to the big winners! I'm honored to have won as a runner-up. I was sure I was going to do better, I submitted my answers two hours after the trivia was posted. In the end, I got one question plain wrong and I had one spelling mistake on the crossed-out map cities. That was an awesome contest!

Unknown said...

even not winning, it was fun going through the books like a scavenger hunt. you should hold more of these!

Anonymous said...

Mr Stuffins #2 is out and it sports a David Petersen variant cover check it out its awesome!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats to the Mouse Guard Rpg for winning the Origins award!

Geoff said...

Congrats to all the winners and runner ups! David, have you sent the prizes out yet?

DPetersen said...

All the prizes have gone out. A great deal of them were international shipping though, so there could be delays because of customs etc.

Geoff said...

Thanks David! Just got mine today.

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