Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dames & Monsters '09 & Muppet Peter Pan #2

Dames & Monsters:
For the 2009 Emerald City Comic con, I was one of several artists (Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen, Bruce Timm, Scott Morse, Ted Naifeh, +42 other very talented folks) who did a piece of art in the Dames and Monsters convention book. (From what I understand there may be a few left if you e-mail the convention organizers). The original artwork is being auctioned off for the Seattle Children's Hospital. So bid bid bid people (hey it's for charity!)
All the auctioned artwork is on ebay here or
you can bid on my piece here

Muppet Peter Pan #2:I saw that Boom put up the cover for the 2nd issue of Muppet Peter Pan. I still am having a really great time doing these covers and I'm thrilled to be able to draw the Muppet characters in all these locations/costumes/story scenarios. "Thanks Boom! I'll keep drawing them as long as you will have me!" For this cover, I was happy to flourish up Gonzo as Captain Hook. Gonzo is my favorite Muppet, so I take even more pleasure in drawing him. I thought about having the feather in his hat be the tail feathers of a chicken that sat on his head under the hat...but I decided to go more traditional (and since I don't think that's in the story it was just embelishment for my own glee) However, note the chicken motif on the ship's railing and the pommel of Gonzo's saber.

Mouse Guard RPG wins 2009 Origins Award for best Role Playing Game!!

Luke Crane did a wonderful translation of my Mouse Guard world into a playable and fun game. He and I talked early on that the game had to be something more than just an RPG where you happen to be mice, one that really took the scale and the lifestyle of my characters and made the mechanics focus on it. So thank you Luke! And now it has won RPG of the year 2009 upsetting Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition. Even though Mouse Guard uses only 6 sided dice, I think it just rolled a natural 20.

You can find out more about the Mouse Guard RPG at:
Burning Wheel's Mouse Guard RPG forum or Archaia

Social Networking:
I am excited about the use of social networking and its relationship between fans and creators (being a creator who also is a fan of other creators). I now use Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and this Blog (and that's not counting regular ol' e-mail.) I want to invite all of my fans to use the Blog, MySpace, and Twitter to keep in touch and connect/comment/question/compliment/or complain. However, I'd like to keep Facebook as a more personal site for friends and family I know personally and keep in touch with. I'm not trying to complain here, I just want fans to know that if I have ignored a Facebook request it's not a snub, just please contact me through one of the other venues.

Fan Art Redux:

A few posts back I mentioned how Walter Harris did a great job on his Mouse guard action figures he made from Ewoks. Well, he's been at it again and now has 3 'waves' (1: Saxon, Kenzie & Lieam. 2: Sadie, Celanawe, & Midnight. & 3: Rand, Conrad & Gwendolyn.) Take a look at his site for detail photos of all the characters. Thanks again Walter!

Upcoming Appearances:
San Diego Comic Con: July 22-26
Wizard World Chicago: August 6-9
Signing at Paradise Comics Toronto: Aug. 22
Dragon Con: Sep. 4-7
Windy City Con: Sept. 19
Long Beach Comic Con: Oct. 2-4
Baltimore Comic Con: Oct. 10-11
Mouse Guard Live Readings in the Michigan Area: TBA

Next Time (or soon thereafter): SDCC info...


Anonymous said...

Dear David,

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the success of the RPG it was incredibly well thought out and Luke Crane has done a superb job on the RPG!!

Anemone said...

This is so very great. :-)

Alex Gouin Fafard said...

Hi David Peterson.

Sorry for my english, I'll try to do my best. I'm from a small town in Quebec in Canada, and there we not often speak english.

To start, I'm a huge fan of your artworks and I'm really happy for your success. I wrothe this letter to ask you some questions. I'm curious to know your course, the road you take to be where you are now.

I have the dream to succes in visual arts, in every kind of jobs thats about the narrative parts of visuel arts. In September, I'll had leave my home to study in Art fundamental at Toronto for one year. There, comic arts are working great. I'll be every where that I can have a good formation, U.S.A, France, etc.

What are the studys that you have done? How work the comic book business?

If you have a few minutes too, it will be to much appreciate that you go see my blog in which I post all my artworks, . It will help me to give me an idea about what are my chance to work in comic book if you can be honest about my level of drawing and creation for a guy of 19 years old. I know that I'm asking a lot to you, so I'll understand if you do not care about all my questions.

Alex Gouin Fafard
Thank you

TWICwriter said...

Having heard you speak from time to time about your love of gaming Im sure you are very proud of your RPG award. Having followed MouseGuard from very early on Im excited that this award (hopefully) will expand the audience being exposed to the Mouse Guard world and bring more readers in to your GREAT series.

Brandon said...

That's awesome, congrats on the win!! It's well deserved.

Colin Tedford said...

Hi David,

Wandered here from Sean Wang's Runners. I really enjoyed the Fall Mouse Guard book & look forward to Winter.

Anyway, you can set up a "fan page" on Facebook separate from your personal profile if you're so inclined - they're designed for "public figures" (& organizations). Not that you have to - sounds like you're already using that stuff more than I care to :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get in the game so late...

I hang out with a big Warhammer 40,000 miniature gaming group and reading through the Mouse Gaurd RPG rules I was wondering if anyone had done mini's of your characters; I LOVE those Ewok action figure conversions, but I want something smaller...

I've tasked my son with sculpting some pieces and if they look decent I'll forward you pics.

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