Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Galaxies 5 Base Card & Alaska

Back from Alaska:
I had the pleasure of going back to Alaska this year. We visited some friends in Fairbanks for a few days. While in Fairbanks, I did a few live readings of Fall and Winter to local schools. Julia and I were also very happy to hit our favorite Thai restaurant (ever!) and get to see the 2010 world ice championship. The main purpose of our trip was to be a guest of the Alaskan Library Conference in Anchorage, where I gave a few presentations on Myself, Mouse Guard, and Graphic Storytelling. I think libraries and librarians are awesome! and it's really great to see them partnering with teachers to make comics and graphic novels a valid medium. You can see photos from our trip here.

Star Wars Exhibit:
Bosco's comics in Anchorage had me in for a signing and offered us tickets to the Star Wars-Imagination meets Science exhibit. I had been to a traveling Star Wars exhibit years ago and while there was some overlap, there were costumes, models, and props, I had not seen in person before. It was real treat for me and I thank Bosco's for the tickets! You can view my photos from the exhibit here.

Galaxies 5 Base Card:With Star Wars in mind, here is the artwork for my Galaxies 5 base card for Topps. They asked me to do a Luke card (a real honor) so I opted for Luke from my favorite of the movies: Empire Strikes Back. Here Luke is between worlds. While he wants to be a Jedi, and has his lightsaber on his belt, he's still quick to draw a blaster. His costume in this scene always read as more 'Han' to me than Jedi. This card was also an awesome excuse to draw R2.

Ink & Stein:
The new location was a huge success last month for our Michigan artist gathering. This month we have made one more change: the date. March 20th will be the date for this month's gathering. We decided to shift from the last Saturday of the month up to the THIRD SATURDAY of the month. We did this to avoid the end of the year holidays as well as several conventions that could hurt attendance. If you like to draw and you want to socialize while you do it, come on out to the Marriott at Eagle Crest in Ypsilanti 7-11pm.

Fan Art:
A fan with the alias Pendragon sent this fan art in. It's a mouse shaman. I'm not sure if his cloak is scales or feathers, or something like pine cone, but I really like the pattern. I like the idea of mice using materials they scavenge as well as ones they make. Thanks Pendragon!

Upcoming Appearances:*
CGS Supershow: March 27-28
C2E2 (Archaia Booth): April 16-18
Graham Crackers Comics Chicago, IL May 1st (FCBD)
Motor City Con: May 14-16
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29

*more 2010 dates may be added


Mayhem said...

Love the pics from Alaska, especially the ice sculptures; some of the talent on ice amazes me at times. Would love to head up there at some point, Alaska is one state I haven't had a chance to visit yet.

Anonymous said...

Will there be original art for sale regarding Legends of the Guard? The reason i ask is because the pages will be done by various artist so how will we be able to get one of these awesome pages done by Jeremy Bastian among others!!!

Unknown said...

The ice sculptures are amazing. How neat that you were there to see them.

See you at Motor City!

Unknown said...

I recently got your card from Galaxy 5. A real surprise since I didn't know you were doing anything for that series.
Looking forward to Mouse Guard and Motor City!

DPetersen said...

Anonymous: It is up to the contributing artists as to if they sell their work and what their art policies are. I would suggest contacting those folks through their websites.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Winter black and white edition? Is that still coming or did it get canceled? Btw David will you be announcing what projects your doing for Henson Company soon?

DPetersen said...

Re: Black & White Winter: The printing was pushed back. I think the goal is to have it out for SDCC (?)

Caramida said...

It was a real treat to meet you at WonderCon in San Francisco last year. I'm disappointed that you're not scheduled to be at WonderCon this year, but I can always hope for next year, perhaps.

I always enjoy seeing your Mouse Guard work, as well as the other stuff. Keep up the great work!


Joel Gates said...

Pendragon's mouse shaman looks like its cloak would be too small for feathers. I vote for scales.

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