Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Legends 1 in previews & Alaskan Interview

Legends of the Guard
Issue 1 of the Mouse Guard Anthology is now in previews (order code: MAR10 0699). I'm thrilled to share this cover and the info that Jeremy Bastian, Alex Shiekman, & Ted Naifeh have stories in this issue. All of the covers have stories associated with them as well. The legend the cover refers to will be printed on the inside front cover of each issue.

Interview with Multiversity comics
While I was in Anchorage, the guys from Multiversity Comics taped an interview with me about Mouse Guard. Here are the two segments:

Fan Art
Jacob Haynes sent this great panoramic fan art. You can check out Jacob's website to see his other artwork as well as his architectural models!

Upcoming Appearances:*
CGS Supershow: March 27-28
C2E2 (Archaia Booth): April 16-18
Graham Crackers Comics Chicago, IL May 1st (FCBD)
Motor City Con: May 14-16
San Diego (Artist Alley): July 22-25
Baltimore Comic Con: August 28-29

*more 2010 dates may be added


Mayhem said...

Cracking first issue cover there. Will the Legends series be released in h/c eventually? I'm tempted to buy the individual comics anyways :)

Anonymous said...

Hello David. Will you be accepting commissions at the cgs supershow? I ask because I know you did not take any last NYC show and it would be a deciding factor in my decision to drive 2 hours or not for this show! Thanks for the info! Sean W

DPetersen said...

Mayhem: Yes, the plan is to release Legends of the Guard as a hardcover.

Anonymous: I will be doing smaller-than normal commissions at CGS Supershow. I'm still working out the specs and pricing

Anonymous said...

Really nice cover art, I'm already thinking about pre-ordering it. Do you know if/when you will be doing another ustream?, they are one of the highlights of my month:). Its really nice to chat to other mouse guard fans during them and to hear about what you have to say about the books. Btw I finally got the uni-ball vision pens and the rpg and they are both really great!

DPetersen said...

Anonymous: I did one tonight! but I'm afraid the Ustreams will be less planned than before. Most of what I'll be working on for a bit will be stuff I can't share.

morgen said...
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morgen said...

If LotG starts in May and is monthly and BA starts in September will they over lap or are there less than 6 issues of LotG?

That is an awesome cover and I can't wait to see what the guest artist/writers have done with the Mouse Guard universe (MGEU?).

Mayhem said...

Watched the videos later on, highly entertaining! So there will be a Mouse Guard sampler comic available for FCBD then? It should make its way here, the promotion was probably most supported in the UK outside of the US itself last year :)

Anonymous said...

oh i missed it:(. Well i'll just have to wait for the next one:). What did you draw last night though? and also will you be recording anymore ustreams or are they just too long?

DPetersen said...

Morgen: Legends of the Guard will be 4 issues. Black Axe will be 6.

Mayhem: Yep, I hope you guys get copies too!

Dab: I stopped recording them because I found the compressed video's quality to be really poor and mostly pointless to watch. You could barely see what I was doing.

Jacob Haynes said...

Thanks alot for featuring my artwork and taking the time to look at my designs. Looking forward to your next project.


Anonymous said...

Dear David

I was looking at your hellboy stuff in your portfolio and i was wondering if you will be doing any pinups for future Hellboy issues???

DPetersen said...

I have never been asked to contribute a pin-up for a Hellboy book. Of course if I was asked, I'd jump at the chance.

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